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Give the Gift of Health & Fitness

Healthy Gift Ideas for Holidays & Special Occasions


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    this is a good way, good articles.. love it so much thanks..
  • Also, I have read and find it to be true, that having fun with someone and being happy, is a memory treasured, while gifts are easily forgotten.
  • I was given a tip that there were easy, quick recipes in Men's Health. I also found great health ideas for my spouse, fun things to do, and easy to hard exercises that I found I could do. So, maybe if a male were to buy himself a subscription, and start working out, easy enough for her, and make it fun (pretend to be having a hard time?), she would be happy to join him. A team effort is always helpful!
  • What would be a good gift for the appropriate person - is a gift certificate that could be applied towards various 5K /10K/etc events.. I try to do one a month and while it's for charity and you get a tshirt -the entry fees add up...
  • Nothing says Honey I think you're FAT than a gym membership.. Unless they asked for it -not exactly a great gift for some folks.. (

    a guy at the customer site I am currently stuck at - bought his wife a pair of workout pants... I joked wiht him when he bought them that she's going to think that he thinks she's fat and needs to workout.. He scoffed... the next day he came in and said how did I know.. (i've never met his wife, however it's fairly common reaction for some women :)
  • My MIL gave me a gift subscription to Runners World this year for Christmas! I'm so excited about and totally look forward to getting it each month.
    Great article! Loved the links to charities!
    Two years ago my sister gave me a subscription to Prevention magazine. At first I was offended but then I remembered how I was only telling her how much I needed to get healthy.
    Good news is that I found SparkPeople through Prevention earlier this year.
  • This is a good way to tell an out-of-shape relative that s/he needs to take care of his/her health.

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