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14 Tips for Starting and Sticking with a Workout Routine

Stop Failure Before it Starts


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  • great article! Nice n Easy ... make your workout a playout !!!
    I've got to say, this article really does inspire. My favorite - make your workout a "playout". And it's easier with some great music to play along to!
    love this article.I am going to follow it for sure. I have learned alot from it and I plan to make some changes now
  • I really loved this article. We have to stop comparing our NOW body to back then. If I think about my THEN body, I wanted to lose weight at that time. I'm pretty happy with the results I am getting in inches (down 1 1/2 sizes) but not too much on the scale.
  • I think the piece of advice that I want to take with me from reading this article is just to start slowly. I get excited and ambitious when I first start an exercise program, and end up getting burnt-out and I just stop. If I ease into it, I may have a greater chance at success.
  • This really helps me out. I have a type A personality, so balance is always the key for me. I love the comment about how many loads of laundry, etc., you've done. It's a great reminder of everything we already do, and that what we're asking of ourselves is a small part in the big picture, and that we deserve it!!
  • I am new here. I have gained 20 pounds in one year and have many telling me I have to lose INCLUDING the woman who runs the bridal shop I just purchased my dress in. Getting married in June and want those 20 pounds gone. HELP
  • Im new here, but I am so thankful for all these tips. !! I love the help I am getting here!
  • Thanks so much, articles like this from people like you is one of the reasons I love SP. This will help so many people for a very long time on their own weight loss marathons!
  • Excellent article!! Thanks!
    This is one I'll come back to again and again for a moviational push.
    I really like the way it's written as if a good friend (positive and living large -- I love that !!!) is speaking to me! :)
  • Super article...the SparkPeople site is the best at motivation with a positive twist...I am so thankful to have become part of your community!
    Thanks for the helpful and encouraging tips!! I'm fairly new to the "fitness" scene, I have MEGA weight to lose. These are good tips to cut and clip and post around the house as encouragement to keep on going. VERY INFORMATIVE to us Newbies!!
  • Thank you so much for this article. I am in the process of "Starting" over yet again, and this gave me so much strength. It is wonderful
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!
  • CAT0805
    I have had a really bad day, aka eating lots of choclate, and articles such as this put me in a better state of mind, just do start with something small everyday and it will lead to something big, love it!
  • this is a really great article and very useful :) love it x x x x

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