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14 Tips for Starting and Sticking with a Workout Routine

Stop Failure Before it Starts



10/20/2009 3:40:56 PM

Great advice, I show up 98% of the time to the jym. I enjoy having fun there. I do not have a lot of friends. But , you are right I need to start planning my meals in advance so I can eat fewer calories, and sleep better. I guess I am doing all right I can't complain. Thank you.


9/9/2009 11:20:05 AM

NINAM510's SparkPage
Love these! I'm going to post them on my mirror!


9/9/2009 10:10:26 AM

Julie, Thank you for this article! I have been in a workout rut for a few months and these tips are just what I needed to help get my read in the right state of mind to get fitness back into my life!!


5/6/2009 10:23:50 AM

So True


4/22/2009 9:45:57 AM

I really enjoyed this article and believe it is going to be a great motivator for me. it was really good. Thanks SP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


4/20/2009 6:48:40 PM

Just the article I needed today when I'm frustrated at myself (started to say the scale but that's my fault.)


2/6/2009 7:56:37 AM

MIKEYTO's SparkPage
I really love the part about making a new image of yourself, not the one I was in high school or even a year ago. 1Cor 13 I am a new creature!


1/28/2009 12:27:50 PM

JUSTJEWEL32's SparkPage
Great Article,- I know my 13 year old and I take walks every other day to talk and enjoy some time away from the guys in the house.


1/20/2009 6:45:05 PM

Love the bit about just showing up and making true...specially if like me you are not great at self motivaton

Good luck to every one with their fitness and weight goals :)

Spongebobbi x


11/28/2008 3:50:12 PM

TASOS.GR's SparkPage
great article! Nice n Easy ... make your workout a playout !!!


11/28/2008 2:29:20 PM

I've got to say, this article really does inspire. My favorite - make your workout a "playout". And it's easier with some great music to play along to!


11/23/2008 5:17:44 PM

love this article.I am going to follow it for sure. I have learned alot from it and I plan to make some changes now


10/30/2008 12:26:00 PM

I really loved this article. We have to stop comparing our NOW body to back then. If I think about my THEN body, I wanted to lose weight at that time. I'm pretty happy with the results I am getting in inches (down 1 1/2 sizes) but not too much on the scale.


10/1/2008 10:23:05 PM

I think the piece of advice that I want to take with me from reading this article is just to start slowly. I get excited and ambitious when I first start an exercise program, and end up getting burnt-out and I just stop. If I ease into it, I may have a greater chance at success.


8/24/2008 11:40:00 PM

NICOLE25_82's SparkPage
This really helps me out. I have a type A personality, so balance is always the key for me. I love the comment about how many loads of laundry, etc., you've done. It's a great reminder of everything we already do, and that what we're asking of ourselves is a small part in the big picture, and that we deserve it!!

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