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14 Tips for Starting and Sticking with a Workout Routine

Stop Failure Before it Starts


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  • Good article, especially #14. Sometimes we forget to have fun.
  • Excellent article! I especially liked tip #1 - we can never go back in time and while we can be motivated by a article of clothing or a remembered level of fitness, thinking you can really turn the clock back is an exercise in futility. Working with who we are now is do-able -- I can certainly lose twenty pounds but I cannot undo the adventures my body has been through (childbearing, scars and scrapes from various adventures, wrinkles (gasp - grin)) nor would I want to - I earned those!

    I appreciated all of the tips, some work better for me than others but I appreciate them none the less. I learned a few things I plan to use going forward. Thanks!

    SOAP BOX ALERT: I am surprised at the individuals who chose to write hyper-critical comments. As another poster commented, if something doesn't work for you, don't do it. It is not necessary to share such negativity nor is it appreciated by other readers who look to these stories for inspiration and suggestions.
  • I liked all the tips except for the first one.-throwing away your old bathing suit- yes- forgetting the memories- no.

    Keep the memories- the good and the not so good and learn from them, You can't expect all the same results because factors in the equation have changed. Your age and medical conditions if there are any will make a difference.
    Be the new and improved you!
  • I really enjoyed this article!
    Instead of finding its faults, why not just use what works for you. If nothing here is for you; MOVE ON!

    I constantly set an appointment & reminders for myself to work-out. & having a 3 yr old (dog) that I have to walk & play with, at least twice a day, really makes me keep moving! He really make me pay for not exercising!! :)

    BE LOVE.
  • MARTY32M
    Correction: do NOT stick with a workout routine. As soon as you have mastered it go on to a more challenging routine.

    Correction: tip #1 (forget what you used to look like) may be good for some people but not for everyone (see other comments). One of my targets was a sport coat I bought 15 or 20 years ago and could no longer wear. I wore it.

    Correction: try to do MORE than you are capable of. Failure is not an option. Failure is inevitable, and you must work to overcome it. Don't pretend your task is easy, but on the other hand don't decide that it's impossible.
  • A picture of what I looked like thin twenty years ago is on my vision has inspired me to loose 75 lbs these last 14 months and will continue to inspire me until I reach my goal weight.
  • "If you limit your calorie intake, you will not have enough energy to work out and your metabolism will slow down.
    Not a very good advice - if you eat the same you will never get any results because exercise alone does not use many calories and there is a big temptation to eat more because you exercise.
    Exercise AND limiting your calories is the way to go.
  • Hi i like question 1 on forgetting what u looked like in high school
    bc ur. Older now and when u do lose the weight u wont look like
    U did back then anyway.forget about the past and only think of how
    U will feel when u get down to ur goal now. I quit smoking Dec.11th
    2011 and i also quit drinking diet coke about a week and a half ago
    And i feel really good about getting rid of my 2 bad habbits. I want
    to lose 30lbs. by June.before my 55th Birthday. Have a great week.:)
  • I especially like the "make an appointment with yourself" and "start very slowly" tips. I need to heed that advice myself right now. Thanks!
  • This article really spoke to me. I especially appreciated #1, make new memories. I had been beating myself up for falling out of the exercise routine and comparing myself to a former exercising in shape self so this advice is timely, thank you.

    Plus I won a Spark exercise DVD on the points spin - what could be better?
  • Wow! This is one of my favorite SP articles of all time. I LOVED Julie's realness. This was a totally fun, helpful and refreshing read. Thank you, Julie!!
  • I like the "where are your friends?" part--it's so hard to be the only 'up' person around, so much easier to eat smart, and exercise happily when others like those things, too.

    I'm suggesting this one to a number of my friends--all sorts!--who will get a lot out of it, I think.
  • I'm not a soccer mom; while some of these tips areare universal and helpful, this article seems geared towards a very specific audience. I'm usually impressed by SP articles and how applicable they are. This one seems lacking in that sense.
  • #13 - Wallow in YOur Greatness -- too often we focus on what we cannot or did not do, motivation to continue is greater when we focus on our accomplishments.
  • I have recently incorporated daily walks into my routine. I decided to put myself first on my list of priorities. I am hoping that this shows up on the scale. If not, I plan to build my exercise little by little until it does show up.

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