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14 Tips for Starting and Sticking with a Workout Routine

Stop Failure Before it Starts


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  • JOHNNYBOY123456
  • #1 is so true but so hard. The thing I remember is that I thought I wasn't good enough while wearing my size 4 clothes. So it has nothing to do with size, if you don't learn to live life for things other than weight you'll never be good enough.
  • Very inspiring! I printed to put up on bulletin board.
  • I've been working on Comment #1 since my 60th birthday, 2 years ago. Only this year have I really come to terms with the fact that I'll never look 21 again!
    Great tips. My favorite is the last one HAVE FUN. Thanks to my granddaughter I am learning that exercise can be fun.
  • This is such a great article! I've read so many of these types of articles, I almost didn't read it and was literally thinking to myself, "you've heard it all before..." Well, wasn't I surprised!! your tips were REAL things that honestly will make a difference in the way I think about exercising and they way I approach it and the way I encourage myself to just GET THERE. Thank you, this was really, really needed!!! do we save an article so that we can review it later??? :)
  • Good one. I am starting over. My body isn't letting me do the things I use to do and it is okay. I will exercise to by ability and work forward.
    I joined this site today and this article is just what I needed. Tip #1 was an eye-opener. I have a pair of Calvin Klein jean I wore 20 years ago. They are a size 4. I now wear a size 16 and remembering what I used to look like ( I was hot and in my early 30's) is a good blast from the past. My life is totally different now and I shouldn't dwell on the past and that includes that size 4. I'm putting those jeans in the donation bin along with some other clothes I was holding on to. The other tip that was an "Aw-ha" moment is making an appointment to work out. I wouldn't skip an appointment, I'm not that kind of person, so I'm going to put exercise in my appointment book and look at it just like appointment I have to keep.
  • REMYA00
    In ma yoga class we have a group..of 4 people. We motivate each other.
  • I especially life the " show up anyway" tip ... yaa this is a great idea .. I have to go back to the gym and back to track .. once I am there,, I am sure I will start moving .. this will naturally follow.. no benefit is there from just sitting and waiting for the right moment .. the right moment is NOW !!
  • I really enjoyed the article, very upbeat and simply put, sometimes you don't need to have all the technical stuff thrown at you to get the point.
    . I do a lot of these but I have found pushing myself with something like a 60 day challenge program helps me keep my "appointment". And playing with my kid (and keeping up) helps keep my motivation to continue . Teaching our son to ride a bike and stick with it has motivated my man to start riding.... Now that's amazing!
  • Great. I saved this.
  • Good article, especially #14. Sometimes we forget to have fun.
  • Excellent article! I especially liked tip #1 - we can never go back in time and while we can be motivated by a article of clothing or a remembered level of fitness, thinking you can really turn the clock back is an exercise in futility. Working with who we are now is do-able -- I can certainly lose twenty pounds but I cannot undo the adventures my body has been through (childbearing, scars and scrapes from various adventures, wrinkles (gasp - grin)) nor would I want to - I earned those!

    I appreciated all of the tips, some work better for me than others but I appreciate them none the less. I learned a few things I plan to use going forward. Thanks!

    SOAP BOX ALERT: I am surprised at the individuals who chose to write hyper-critical comments. As another poster commented, if something doesn't work for you, don't do it. It is not necessary to share such negativity nor is it appreciated by other readers who look to these stories for inspiration and suggestions.
  • I liked all the tips except for the first one.-throwing away your old bathing suit- yes- forgetting the memories- no.

    Keep the memories- the good and the not so good and learn from them, You can't expect all the same results because factors in the equation have changed. Your age and medical conditions if there are any will make a difference.
    Be the new and improved you!

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