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14 Tips for Starting and Sticking with a Workout Routine

Stop Failure Before it Starts


  • I like the "where are your friends?" part--it's so hard to be the only 'up' person around, so much easier to eat smart, and exercise happily when others like those things, too.

    I'm suggesting this one to a number of my friends--all sorts!--who will get a lot out of it, I think. - 1/8/2012 11:07:23 AM
  • I'm not a soccer mom; while some of these tips areare universal and helpful, this article seems geared towards a very specific audience. I'm usually impressed by SP articles and how applicable they are. This one seems lacking in that sense. - 1/8/2012 9:31:20 AM
  • #13 - Wallow in YOur Greatness -- too often we focus on what we cannot or did not do, motivation to continue is greater when we focus on our accomplishments. - 6/5/2011 11:16:20 AM
  • I have recently incorporated daily walks into my routine. I decided to put myself first on my list of priorities. I am hoping that this shows up on the scale. If not, I plan to build my exercise little by little until it does show up. - 3/13/2011 8:24:06 PM
  • #14; I want to experience this! I have a friend who already knows what it's about! I want to go THERE! :-) - 3/1/2011 9:26:26 PM
  • Fantastic article.

    I especially loved #13. Wallow in your greatness. All too often I find myself not appreciating the effort I have put in to achieve results. - 2/17/2011 5:25:34 PM
    Awesome article, with great suggestions! Especially the first one! New life, new memories, and new body with a whole new out look! - 1/26/2011 11:58:49 AM
  • LOVE #8! Gotta have a goal to work towards! - 1/25/2011 9:05:21 AM
  • LOVE #8! Gotta have a goal to work towards! - 1/25/2011 9:04:58 AM
  • Great No-Nonsense suggestions! - 1/25/2011 8:47:37 AM
  • Great! We often think that we have to be perfect when we start... it's great to see that the most important thing is to start! - 1/25/2011 8:45:38 AM
  • I love the idea of just showing up at the gym. Just do it. Go for it! - 1/25/2011 8:35:52 AM
  • great article but i work overnight and i can't find a good time to exercise. When i come home go to bed , weak up at 1:30 , go pick up my daughter and before you know it the day is over .Any idea
    Thx - 1/25/2011 6:32:39 AM
  • I LOVE this article! I specially agree with "Just show up. 98% of life is showing up." - 10/22/2010 3:13:44 PM
  • "You wouldnít cancel an appointment, why would you cancel on yourself? Arenít you important too?...NO, I'm not, and that's how I found SparkPeople.
    Put the pain in perspective. ...Whatís the big deal? ...torn ligaments, sprains, and chronic joint problems that are leading from no-big-deal-pain to injury
    Itís never too late to be that healthy person you might have been. "...This statement does not make sense. Might have been can not be recovered into the present. - 9/27/2010 2:16:37 AM

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