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Moderation in All Things

How to Avoid the Diet Blues


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  • Moderation is a good concept in the middle of the spectrum of activities, good vs evil but when you get toward the ends moderation is not so good as it will enhance a vice and dilute a virtue.
  • Good article. Moderation has always been tough for me. I'm an emotional binge eater, but since I've started Sparks, I've been working on developing healthy habits that will still work for me for years to come. Thinking about how each bite fuels my body is my cornerstone, plus keeping a tight food budget so I have to think twice about what I can throw in my cart. Eating healthier, a little bit of exercise and tracking it all is helping me feel emotionally and physically healthier already!
  • Sometimes "moderation" has to mean "none".
  • Thanks I needed this article. I sometimes have problems with moderation.
  • This is the best plan to stay on track. No tricks just you choosing your serving size of favorites foods.
    Love this idea, this is a plan for life!
    Thanks for sharing
  • When I go to a resturant and order I ask them to bring a to go box with my food. When my plate comes I divide each item in half (a side salad I will eat all) and put into my to go box and close lid and take home sor another meal! If I order a large specialty salad I still ask for my to go box and half the salad before adding salad dressing and take home another meal! And I use a fork to drizzle on my dressing (usually a vingerret). As resturants serve more than 1 serving per meal! May seem strict at first but your body will adjust and you will get use to the right amount of a serving. Resturants serve MORE than a single portion. I save on pounds and money as I get 2 meals for price of ONE!
  • This is such a helpful article! I am a perfectionist and this advice is so good for me. Thank you.
  • This so true for anything in life. There is a saying that goes "water is good for you and a lot will kill you!" One of my favorite sayings about life is that "Too much of any one thing is not good."
  • I love this particular article - reminds me that life is dynamic and always changing and that it's so important to be moderate in everything. One look at what is happening in the world today gives you and example of that.
  • "Progress, not perfectionism" now that's words I needed to hear. Feeling pretty good after reading this. It describes me perfectly. I am a work in progress, and my eating habits have improved since I started Spark. Even though I continue to make some poor choices, I'm making better ones each day. Can't and won't give up my favorite foods, but I'm getting better at balancing them.
  • I am currently within 5 lb. of my goal weight and am disappointed that the emphasis on websites like this and fitness clubs, is on weight loss, but not maintenance. I've lost the weight I wanted 3 times, knew I had to do something to maintain, but didn't find many resources. That's a skill in itself! SP, you need an easy and accessible place (how about a tab?) for maintenance. It's the missing link!
  • I have actually believe this my entire life, that you can eat most things if you do it in moderation. Where I feel like now I'm learning I do have some triggers and cannot eat at all even if I'm trying to do it in moderation. So I think it is a balance thank you for re-emphasizing that.

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