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Adventures in Weight Loss: Coach Dean's Story

140 Pounds Gone Forever


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All of your articles are well written, and now that I've read your story, I am truly inspired. You live what you write about, and that causes me to respect you even more.
I hope that you write a book one day, incorporating your story with some of your great articles! Report
Your story was very inspiring! I saw so much of myself in you words! I've lost 185lbs over a long period of time! I'm glad you didn't give up on yourself! You a worth being healthy, happy & motived! Good job! Report
Excellent story! I can definitely see how obsession could happen. When you see progress it’s tough not to overdo a “good thing” - so inspiring how he turned things around to a healthy lifestyle!!! Nice! Report
What a transformation. Congratulations. Report
Inspirational story. Thanks for sharing. Report
Thanks for sharing Report
Coach Dean,
Your story is an inspiration to one and all! Report
I really miss Dean. Does anyone know what happened with him? Report
This could be my story. I have a health coach from my insurance and a dietitian also from my coach and I told both of them, that I was going to gain back what weight I had lost and have the weight loss surgery that I was going to have a year ago. My husband and I decided to have weight loss surgery last year. I got within a week of having mine and they called to say I had lost too much and was no longer a candidate for the surgery. My husband has lost about 80 pounds and is doing great. I have been eating everything that is not nailed down. I took a big step this morning and gave away 1/2 of a bag of jelly beans. I had already eaten 3 bags of them. I feel so discouraged and frustrated. Reading this story made me stop and think. Report
I love reading every Dean writes. He's so honest and inspiring. Thank you! Report
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amil-ringtones/ Report
Great story, nicely written and inspiring! Thanks! Report
Someone had commented they read everything you wrote- so that's what I started doing. Very enjoyable article.
I have recently joined SparkPeople. Generally, I don't leave comments but I felt compelled to make an exception here. I feel your honest account of your challenge and struggles to lose weight and regain your health again is a most impressive and inspiring accomplishment. I was moved by it very much and has struck a chord with me since I am confrontred with similar issues. Thank you for sharing all this, it has somehow inspired me not to give up. I am sure your determination and courage will inspire and give hope to many more. Report

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