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Energy Boosts at Work

Stay Alert All Day, Every Day


  • I am a nurse on a very hectic unit and am on my feet all day, for 13-15 hour shifts. When I finally do get to sit down, sometimes I feel like I can't get back up. There really are days when I do have to reach for a cup of coffee because I am just about to shut down physically and mentally. I do limit myself to one cup (it's a large one!) of coffee a day, only on days I work and it's half decaf. Even still, I need that little bit of caffeine and warmth to get me back on my feet again! On the slower days, if we have any, I will try the tips listed here. I used these ideas when I worked in an office and they worked very well. I also try to keep veggies (carrotts/celery/cucumbers) as a snack - just the walk to the kitchen for something for me and change of scenery helps refresh me! This still works, regardless how tired I am, and I don't have to worry about crashing from a sugar high in an hour! - 2/24/2008 11:41:44 PM
  • I do the stairs at work but sometimes I get more tired than I do energized,but I will keep going - 2/18/2008 11:57:25 PM
    I love this site I started to day I put down what I ate and water intake, read pages and pages on site. Learned LOTS & LOTS WE CAN DO IT TOGETHER. We are all LOSERS - 1/17/2008 9:08:07 PM
    I exercise regularly at my desk. I do arm presses with a stress ball, and I do leg lifts while sitting. I walk for 15 mins. a daybut , sometimes up and down the main hall if the weather is bad. I realize some workplaces aren't as relaxed as mine, but any little bit of exercise helps. - 11/24/2007 1:00:34 AM
  • Some of these would work, some would get me laughed at, some would get me fired, and some are impossible (we don't have steps). - 11/19/2007 12:54:48 PM
  • This is a great article - I will definitely be incorporating some of these into my workday! Especially for those of us with fairly sedentary jobs, this is wonderful. I have often looked for things to combat that work fatigue, especially the 'after lunch slump'. I tried a couple of these techniques already this morning and I feel much more energized than usual! I'm also going to try smith18's leg lifts. A great way to stay alert, productive AND get some exercise! - 11/19/2007 12:19:19 PM
    Any and all of those things sound good - anything that breaks the pattern. Xi qong(sp?) works for me too and also besure your workplace is well lit!! This time of year dim and gray can really sap your strength. - 11/18/2007 8:05:03 PM
  • Napping is great! You just need to have courage to give it a try.
    I close the door for 10 minutes and just lie on the floor, eyes closed.
    It's so refreshing! - 11/18/2007 3:08:37 PM
  • Want to encourage you - give it a try, experienced great results! Also tried doing leg lifts with a coworker who was losing focus from looking at her computer so long - we set on edge of our chairs (she's very fit, I'm have a way to go) lifted our knees as high as possible to work our abs. (Sure does that!!!) Did 30 only took about 2 minutes at the most. We were both very surprised how refreshed and focus we felt, we finished our day with joy! - 11/18/2007 10:29:39 AM
  • See if you still feel this way if you take grain carbs/sugars out of your lunch??? Focus on veggies :). Works for me! - 11/18/2007 7:43:52 AM
    Am eager to try these methods. The adivce is sound, encouraging, solid. It gives us a plan of action that should certainly help - if we don't at least try it...shame on us. Thanks for the wonderful tips - 11/18/2007 7:25:10 AM

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