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Energy Boosts at Work

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  • Quick, easy, useful recommendations. Thank you!
  • Everything sounded great except the walking meeting. However a brainstormning meeting with two or three people may be great. It's just hard to take notes when you're walking. Maybe I will try it with one person on my team, we'll call it action research.
    This is the reminder I needed! I have been snacking (started with the bad stuff - junk - have moved onto healthier items - edamame, rice cakes - but still snacking in order to stay awake is not a good habit) and drinking tons of coke zeros... next week will bring a fresh start.
    I work retail. In the event that I have a lunch break, I've started walking around the mall, or during my fifteen, I do some moderate stretching in the breakroom. When we're slow of an evening I get on the sales floor, walk, greet customers (your boss will love that), and clean the cases (I work in the jewelry department). I don't hit the vending machines on my breaks and instead chug water and eat an orange or protein bar I carry in my purse.
    These sound great for those in an office, but not all of us do. I work in retail. I'm walking around all the time. I sit maybe 10 minutes in 6 hours. What about us? What is there for us to do to keep our minds focused?
  • You'd think with no job it would be easier for me to do the stuff I need to at my desk...but ...NO.... luckily I work out in the basement but I would like to do both
  • I am guilty of this. I am a teacher and most of my day is spent trying to get students to focus and do their work at a table. I will try to have them move more!
    Why not try a scientifically proven nutraceutical like neurapex ( It will help keep you focused and, when you're focused 'time flies' ... which means the office hours pass more quickly!!!
    Another great article. Taking breaks at work is so important, but sometimes so hard to do.
  • I'm a teacher and I just went to a seminar on "Teaching with the Brain in Mind." It is amazing how much simply moving or playing upbeat music can refocus adults as well as students. The whole seminar was based on Brain-based research and I'm sure it is available to hand to a stubborn employer. Unfortunately, some employers don't understand or don't care. Too bad we couldn't convince them to do a productivity study in the office. LOL
    Again I say NOT ALL OF US WORK IN AN OFFICE, I don't have an hour lunch, hate all the articles in fitness related fields that only talk about being in the office and what to do what about the people that work in different fields or trades.
  • I eat lunch with my students and would LOVE to nap, but it's not going to happen, lol! But I've done the 15 minute desk workout during my planning time before and I've started walking around the playground at recess. Every little bit helps....
  • I have had to put into my head, I don't care what people think, I'm going to do a few leg lifts at the copy machine, when I wait for my water to boil for my tea, do a few pushups on the wall, and so on. I really dislike when work places try and do the “lets get healthy" thing, and then stick their noses in your business when you do. It’s taken me 4 years to loose what I have lost so far. I cannot begin to tell you about the jealous comments I receive, Gang stick with it, and don't let any one tell you any different
  • JUSTJENNA3 - your boss can't see you breathe in place with good posture and can't tell you not to breathe... also can't see you squeeze your butt cheeks together. Choose more discreet exercises.
  • grrr... I was doing several of these tips at work, but then I go in trouble! I have a desk job... I work at a bank, but my employer told me to stop doing all of the "little exercises" that I was doing throughout the day to keep my energy up... so now what!? I still walk on my lunch hour and to and from work, but I do find myself getting tired an hour after lunch... boo :( But for those who can do these tips, they do really help!!!

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