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Learn to Love Going to the Gym

No More Excuses!


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    I started loving the gym when I realized it was so much more important than weight loss. I learned to love my body and value myself beyond my body size, and I list 100 pounds. The book “The Size Of My Life” really helped me shift my focus from my weight and body size and I lost 100 pounds after doing so.
  • Great article! Love my gym!
  • Love this article, all good information
    Good stuff here!
  • Joining a fitness class is one of the best things I have done for my health. I meet up with the other ladies regularly, we moan about how tough the classes are, and even have lunch. The camaraderie is great. We even have a Facebook group with more than 200 members!
    I've done time at two different gyms, found out I do much better at home with my rebounder and exercise bike, and it takes less time and no travel . Do what makes you happy.
    Thank you - this is such a well-written, encouraging article!
  • #2 is reason enough for me to keep up my membership. I'm never sidelined by the weather. I've had a continuous membership at various gyms since 1972.
  • I certainly don't love going to the gym anymore than I love cleaning my house. But I do like the results. Of course, after I've finished cleaning I can immediately see the results. You don't see that going to the gym until after at least 6 months. I am not a patient person.
  • I was never athletic growing up, but when my doctor mentioned diabetes, I got serious. Ijoined our local YMCA and pay by the month. I started going after work but that got tough. I work outside and when winter hit I was too tired and hungry. So I switched to you g before work and realized how much more awake i felt and how nice it was to know I was getting it in and over with lol. I had my headphones andpickedupbeatmusic and would walk on the treadmill to the beat of the song. I have since ditched the headphones for conversations with others who can give me suggestions or justentertainment. I also have a zumba dvd that I can do when I have the house to myself. It's fun.and doesn't feel like exercise. I have my setbacks but I find I enjoy working out in the morning and that its the easiest part of the whole getting healthy thing. Good luck to all and remember "try it you might like it"
  • I'd love to go to the gym. I love weights. But, I don't like the idea of having to sign my soul away. Perhaps if these places let you pay-as-you-go.
    I love going to the gym, however it wasn't always this way. It took me several months of maintaining my routine to get into this habit. It isn't as much about loving the actual workout as it is loving how I feel afterward and look.
    -offering/going t

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