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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Pilates

Workouts to Try, Benefits to Gain


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I also love how my istructor can tailor the exercises for the different levels in the class, we have all ages and she'll show me the advanced way and someone like my mom a more beginner. This way we are all benefiting from it. Report
Its so funny with pilates, I started doing it when i was 15. and then later when i had kids, it was funny to hear people tell me about it. when I first started doing it, and when I told them about it, they looked at me like I was crazy. and now they tell me about pilates, and I've already been well acquainted with it. Report
Pilates began working with WW1 soldiers who were bedridden, so it was a form of Physical Therapy. He then went on to deal with Ballet injuries that the dancers had.
I plan to buy a Cadillac Reformer as there are MANY DVD's on exercises you can do. Report
I started taking the Pilates class my work gym offers almost a year ago and I love it! No other workouts really kick the crap out of my abs like these do and I am definitely seeing more definition than ever before! For an at home workout, Shape's Pilates for Pink DVD is really good! Report
I've been doing pilates for a few months now and my pants are already getting baggy in the waist. My core is much stronger and tummy less flabby. After a class, I feel as if I've had a massage. I constantly tell friends and coworkers to try a class. Report
I have been doing Pilates for over a year now. My osteopath told me the only thing that was going to help my back and knees long term was to start Pilates. I joined a group that is run by a physiotherapist. All of us have had injuries of one kind or another. We have ten in the class and have full attention of the physio. I have never felt so good! it has aided in my weight loss of 20Kgs and my core strength helps my back. It was the best thing I ever did and would recommend Pilates to everyone. But do it properly and have someone there who can tell you if you are doing right to avoid injuries. My doctor said "Pilates is good, a nice gentle exercise". I said, "you have never done it have you?" Gentle it isn't! Report
I've been doing pilates with a private instructor for just over two years. Because of ankle issues, I was having difficulty walking. With new orthotics from a podiatrist and pilates exercise and "walking lessons," I am back to enjoying walking, snow shoeing, x-country skiing - up to 60 minutes now. PLUS, I am an INCH TALLER!! And I am almost 58! Report
All too often pilate instructors u ntrained and can support bad habits and/or cause real harm to those of us with bad backs, etc. I'm a living example of one who's had to undergo 2 neurosurgeries and a bout with multiple (6 severe) pelvic fractures as a result of believing and adhering to a bad teacher's instruction. Report
I love pilates...challenging yes! But my stomach is getting more and more toned and flatter! My size 10's are even getting baggy in the waist! Report
I have always had lower back aches. After learning pilates with an instructor, I found that my back rarely bothered me, because my core muscles were so much stronger. My suggestion is that if you want to try it, start with an instructor who can really watch your form. It is easy to watch a DVD and imitate the moves, but only a real person can closely monitor you to be sure you are making the best of the moves and doing them correctly.
I have always hated working out, but I must agree that Pilates has totally won me over as an awesome total body workout. I too have found muscles I didn't know I had before, and my back is MUCH better when I practice my pilates routine regularly. Report
I have just gotten a book from the library about Pilates. I also have a DVD by Kathy Smith that is Pilates focused.

When I am finished with a work out - I feel like I have REALLY done something! Report
I will have to give it a try. I have done yoga but not pilates Report
If anyone is interested in trying pilates I would recommend the Winsor Pilates DVDS. When I do the workouts consistently, I see results really fast! Report
My trainer is a huge fan of pilates but she is clear that you have to be ready to do the exercises. She and i are working on stability and strengthening my balance before i start the core exercises. She agrees that the leg lifts are for strong participants and the lower back has to be developed before attempting that series of exercises. Report
You all try it, it is fun. If you have arthritis it helps alot too. Report

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