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Pave the Way for Persistence

Be Consistent and Persistant to Reach Your Goals


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  • I saved this one for a recheck! Great Article. I agree that you should have your exercise equipment out where you can see it! I have mine right next to my computer and my TV where I can see them and use them often.
    Heed especially the part about putting the exercise bike in front of the TV, or any other exercise equipment you have. DO NOT put exercise equipment in a "spare room", garage, basement, or a room seldom used. Place it front and center where you spend the most time, and for many people, it's the darned tv. Don't pay attention to visitors who don't like it there, they don't live with you!!
  • I saved it for future look back.
  • This article is very helpful and I plan to refer to it often.
  • Reading previous comments since 2008-Coach Dean's Information is just as helpful and current today.
  • What a fabulous way to true inspiration and experiencing success in our daily efforts to succeed. I was very happy to see the suggestion that we reward success, but don't punish failure. This is a keeper.

    Thank you,Coach Dean,
  • Dean always makes so much sense!! thanks for bringing the details to light to guide me in both my weight loss journey as well as other areas of my life!
  • I LOVE anything I have read by Coach Dean. He cuts through the jungle of myths and trite assumptions and gets to the astute, wise solution. What a treasure he is.
  • When I lose my way on my journey for better health, I always look for articles written by Dean. His "common sense-no nonsense" way of speaking always sees me thru the most difficult of times! Thanks Dean!!
    I love these serie of articles!
    A shame that tomorrow is the last one, it helped me a lot to focus on my goals and i know now what i need to do!
  • B2B2BA
    This was a great article. I adopted the motto "Show Up and Don't Give Up" a while ago and it has made a big difference in how I approach everything, not just getting myself into a healthy lifestyle.

    I've also started playing soothing, relaxing music in my kitchen. I spend a lot of time in there and it does seem to help me get my mind off of eating everything in sight when I am stressed out.
  • Dean,
    I love what you have shared with us here. It all makes so much sense, and is all very helpful. Thank you for helping me...I am going to try my best! I have added most to my favorites, and will use them to go back to often!

    Thanks so much again.

    Coach Dean - thank you for this EMPOWERING series of articles in "Mind Over Body." You've addressed a lot of issues honestly and directly while giving concrete, effective tools with which to overcome them. The incredible power of the mind is underestimated - it can help us achieve so much if we just believe that we CAN achieve and use it to bolster our efforts.

    In my own weightloss journey, I used many of these techniques. Especially in the beginning, they were the only things that kept me going! These strategies really work and I still use them to maintain the lifestyle that I have achieved.

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