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6 Characteristics of Effective Goal Setting

Plot Your Strategy for Weight-Loss Success


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thanks Report
thank you for the great article Report
Plan: Have lost 10 pounds before end of BLC36 - Winter Round. Lose another Time to Bloom BL Spring.
Gain enough strength and shoulder health to use 5 pound weights regularly and 8 for the back and chest and deadlifts. Report
I find having a certain goal.... reaching it... and celebrating when its reached is a very affective way to move ahead. Setting attainable goals is key :) Report
lots of good information Report
Coach Dean Anderson's series Mind Over Body was one of the best things that happened to me! I would love to suggest it be required reading and doing but I know the answers I would get! Report
Great article. Thank you. Report
Thank you! Report
Thanks for sharing Report
These are great. Thank you! Report
great info
They forgot "have fun & enjoy the journey." This is our life and we only get one...... Report
Thanks Report
Great article and good reminders. Report

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