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Write Your Vision Statement for Weight Loss

Find Out Why You've Set Your Goals


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  • This is a very positive upbeat & helpful article. Thank you to author.
  • My vision board is complete!
  • I just found these 10 steps for Healthy Lifestyle. Fabulous. I am already learning so much. It's not just less calories more exercise. I need to delve deeper into WHY do I overeat? Have 2 very pointed ideas on that. I'm retired and I thought I had myself on the front burner, but I don't. I'm just sitting and waiting for life to get great. Hey, that's up to me. No one can do that for me. I'm responsible for every emotion and also every morsel that goes into my mouth. I got sober 10 years ago and that was my decision, my actions, my 12 steps, and many many One Day at a Times. I can apply these 10 steps and 12 steps to change my unhealthy eating habits. Thanks Sparkpeople.
  • This is a great article. I printed it out so I can utilize the information to write my own Vision Statement. Thanks so much!
  • This is a great article. Started SP in July 2014 and lost 37 pounds by the end of December 2014. Although I have gained some of it back, I'm no where near where I was. I will turn 65 this year and I am working on keeping my weight down. I will utilize this article to help me visualize my goals better.

    Thanks SparkPeople!
  • My vision board is complete!
    I want to thank Spark People in general for the wonderful information, recipes and articles that you give to all of us. MOST OF ALL I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU PROVIDE IT ALL FOR FREE!!!! I am 71 years old. I am working on my vision plan and I am going back so that I can see the five articles that came before this one. I do not participate in most blogs or in the Community pages. I don't know why but I am examining that aspect of my weight loss journey. I have lost weight several times in my life but I always allow it to come back and then I hate myself again. I am trying really hard to stick to the Spark People eating plan but I am still struggling. I do rely very much on the scale and I am trying to weigh only once a week and rely more on my tape measure. I walk at least 7000 steps each day and I know it is my eating that is the problem. Thank you for being here for us.
  • Write a Vision Statement??!!! I'm not a writer. I'm also a realist. I look in the mirror and see what really exists, a 65 year old fat Goodyear Blimp! This is not negative, it's fact. And you can't argue with facts. Can I change it? To some degree, yes. But I'm not 40 years old anymore, I can't walk for 45 minutes. Realistically, if I'm consistent (daily) with nutrition and exercise, it will take me at least 2 years to take the weight off. So, yes, I focus on the scale, because that's my only way of tracking how I'm doing.
  • Lordy! Every time I read one of your blogs I am moved - if not swept away! Thank you for being here and writing these posts. I have been a spark member for nigh on to 6 years and have never done a vision collage because ... I couldn't see where to start. Thanks for that too.
    I find the more I focus on the scale, the less luck I have. We tend to focus so much on what we need to lose with weight loss, that we tend to forget what we are gaining: better health, more energy, increased self esteem, a longer life. This reminds me that I need to focus on the beautiful gifts I will be gaining, and if I do that, the weight is more likely to take care of itself. I still weigh myself, but my primary focus is no longer the scale and the number to the point where I obsess over it. It's about balance, inspiration, and doing this for ourselves and a healthier lifestyle. =)
    I get it - and for the most part I agree. But my main goal is to fit in my cute, smaller clothes. The ONLY way that is going to happen is if I lose weight - and that means focusing on the numbers on the scale and measuring tape. If I'm truly honest, everything else (easier movement, better health) is all secondary. I know I'm pretty. I know I have a great, positive personality. I just want a hotter body. Unfortunately, I also love all the foods that make me fat.
  • Wow, i rally loved this article it hadso much good information. I'm s glade i found ths site.
  • Great article. I do really well at weight loss then stress, hubby and anxiety get the best of me. I can't help I keep picking the wrong ones for husband material. I have been married to hubby #2 for over17 years but often feel like throwing in the towel.
  • When we goal set sometimes we need to purge not only our kitchen cabinets of bad food products, but other negative influences as well. rethinking our choices in what we allow into our lives has a profound result in our success with our weight loss, and maintenance for life at our final goal weight. Negative creates stress, stress creates the hormones that increase our Omentum fat, we ruin our health and looks when this happens. For myself, I have not only purged my kitchen, I have purged other areas as well. What television or radio shows I watch, who I socialize with, what gym I attend, what volunteer groups I'm involved with, what social clubs, and friends and family who to put it bluntly...just drag me down and are sources of sabotaging my weight loss goals.

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