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  • Great article and quiz. I am also encouraged by the fact that I think I'm finally getting it! My "10" is number two and one of the big differences between this time and all the other times I've lost weight is that I'm trying really hard not to deprive myself. I realize that I can't be successful long term unless I meet ALL my needs and desires...including those for yummy and not always healthy foods!
  • Thank you, SparkPeople for this series of articles. Joining this site was on of the best moves I made, this year.
  • ROTY2008
    This is such a great article. I wish I had seen this before now, but now I can truly say that life is going to be so different now!
  • This is great advice! The "I" statements are so important to ANY relationship. This is simply a relationship with yourself!
  • This is great advice. It all starts with you.
  • it all sounds good and I need to do it but I never seem to be able to stick to it
    I guess I am doing okay. I have two goals as I start to this journey: 1) to be able to walk around the grocery store without needing to actually sit down during the task and 2) to walk my dogs around the block.

    Right now (Day 1 of my new life) I am unable to do grocery shopping easily. I have to sit down or rest against the side of shelves and refrigeration boxes. I even sit for 10 minutes or more in the deli section on a real chair before I go to the check out. And if I forget something at the other end of the store I REFUSE to go back to get it because its such a long walk. All I want to do is to make groceries without it being such a chore.

    The other thing I want to do is walk my dogs on a leash. I dont currently do it because my legs and back and hip hurt after walking about half a block.

    I need to be able to do both these things to feel as if I am making my way thru the muck. Does this make sense?
    I wanted to do this one but when I started considering the questions/statements I realize that I since I have never tried to diet before, I have no clue about motivation. I dont know what my triggers are. ACK.

    Has anyone else ever had this realization?
  • This is a great article - a real eye opener for me!
  • Great article! I had to wrestle with many of these motivation traps along the way - this article should help people avoid that guesswork.
  • This article is quite freeing for me. I keep struggling with myself as to why I am unable to stay motivated (perfectionism) and why I sabotage my success (externally motivated). The information I read in this article provided the insight and understanding that I need to identify what is going on so that I can now move past my mental blocks. Thank you!
    Loved this article! I am constantly at war with myself to not rely solely on outside results- so I definitely needed this. Thank you!
  • Brilliant article, Slowly but surely I am getting *spark* washed (instead of brainwashed.
    Wow!! Really made me realise that i have constantly relied on the physical things that motivate me but i am begining to realise that the good moods and happy days are worth far more to my health and general wellbeing.
    These articles have been really helpful with getting a better grasp on what exactly a lifestyle change includes. I love Dean's style of writing and advice, and his articles are always helpful!

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