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Tame the Emotional Eating Beast for Good

3 Ways to Get Back on Track


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  • A great reminder to focus on mindful eating.
  • This was helpful.....some great pointers that'll I'll certainly use!!
  • I really liked this article. The part about taming the beast really clicked with me. just put it into practice...! Thanks for the good read :)
  • I really enjoyed this article! As a medical professional, the idea of emergency and preventive treatment is especially captivating and appealing. Thanks for the tips to be the lion/beast tamer and keep the food/emotional eating beast tamed and trained.
  • These are great tips for taming the many beast's that would destroy a healthy lifestyle. Thanks.
  • This is an awesome article and written in such a fun "voice"! Thanks for the playful inspiration and the great ideas!
  • This is too weird for words...this beast lives inside of me too! This article was written perfectly describing my wars with my 'beast'. I have gone into that state of not being myself while eating. I'm like a robot. 'Hand to mouth.Hand to mouth.' I find that the suggestions in the article are a couple of tricks I have been learning. Sometimes I find myself in the kitchen and I just leave and go and do something around the house, or get on the computer to keep my hands busy. I have also been using the 'delay' tactic. I tell myself that after a small healthy snack, I will wait 15-30 minutes, depending on if I can distract myself, and then if I still feel like I need something to eat, I will get something. This way, I also don't overeat when I think this way.
    very nice article!
    I LOVE this article!
  • The stalling tatic really works for me! Also, just staying out the kitchen after dinner because my downfall is night time eating.
  • This is a great article. I'm a "bored" eater and if I can focus on something else I will usually forget about the snacks.
  • Thank you so much!!!!!
  • I wish I would have read this yesterday. After increasing my activity successfully for a few days last night I thought I would make this awesome looking recipe for a dessert. I went wild and out of control over these little cups of yogurt and fruit mixed with brown sugar. It was awful. I ate all four I had made and afterwards wondered what had happened.
  • Thanks for this! I am constantly fighting my emotional side and the last few days I have been losing the battle. But after readign this I feel renewed to keep fighting.
  • This article was so helpful. It gave me tools to deal with emotional eating. Thanks.

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