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Put the ''I'' Back in Your Vocabulary

Increase Your Chances for Weight-Loss Success


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    "I" have never thought of this and I believe this concept is just what I needed right now. I read your bio and I am impressed. You decided to change and did it. I know that is what I need to do. I have a lot of health issues and I have become overweight because of those problems in addition to poor diet and lack of exercise. I had to quit my job this spring because of my health and now I want to change what I can. I've just started (with earnest) and progress is slow but I'm doing it. Thank you for that gentle push in the right direction.
  • All of Deans Articles have helped me so much. Thank you Dean! You have helped the people here more than you know.
  • Wow! What a great article! I feel empowered! Thank you!
  • This is a great article, and this principle applies to so many things in life! When we speak in "I" statements, we take responsibility for ourselves, and we take our power back from the Universe. We are strongest when we stand on our own two feet.

    I have started to look at some of my obstacles in this way. I think that journaling my thoughts will be very helpful.

    Jen M.
  • I too have always put everyone first, and hen I don't pay attention to what I put in my mouth. So the 90 lb overweight woman says. I did though decide I needed to work on sleepthis last week, but I paid attention to nothing else. So, sleeping in on the morning so I didn't make time for exercise or food planning made a 5 lb gain. So here I am , trying to figure out how to norish my body, mind and soul the right way all at the same time...
  • I have always put everyone else first. The last few years I have tried to reverse that, but it is not easy to do at the age of 75 with nearly 57 years of marriage. I needed this article and will try to remember how important the "I" is. Thanks for the reminder.
    I think I already do all of these things, but I have trouble implementing some of the solutions. Sometimes the problems feel to big for me to handle on my own or I feel too tired/lazy to do things like track my food or go for a walk. I have bipolar so that affects how I feel most days. Maybe I should consider changing my meds?
  • Thanks for this article Dean, I need to follow up with a lot of I statements and put I where it belongs. Being raised in the south = putting everyone else first. So starting today I will use I as many times as i remember. Thank you for helping me to know that I am responsible for me and I should come first sometimes!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • This is a really great article!!! I need to be responsible for me!!
  • Long ago, I read a book that gave two principles that have guided my life.
    1) Self-Responsibility - I am 100% responsible for my thoughts and actions (So is everyone else for their own thoughts and actions). I can always choose again.

    2) Loving Allowance (Compassion). This is choosing to see that everyone is always doing the best they know at any given moment. If they knew better, they would do better. It might give me a charge to get fired up and blame someone or something, but it is easier on me if I don't. This loving allowance extends to me, too.

  • Excellent...thank you for this "I" opener!
  • This article really hit home for me...I'm looking forward to the rest of them and I will do my very best to implement what I'm learning.

    I can do this!
  • Thank you, Dean, for reminding me that I always have a choice. I lived a great part of my life believing that I didn't have choices, but I learned that this belief was false. I could choose how I wanted to react to people and events, and I could choose my actions.

    I thank you for reminding me that I can control my thinking and my behavior because life events--job, family, illness--can wear us down a bit and make us forget that we have this power. It feels great to make make decisions and act on them. Last week I exercised on four days, but ate too much afterwards. This week I am going to continue exercising and I am going to eat healthy, lower-calorie foods for dinner.
    Thanks for a great article. Very empowering and a great start to the series. I will be more mindful of how I define problems and therefore find more effective solutions!
  • "I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me", Phil 4:13. God Bless Everyone, Vic.

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