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Put the ''I'' Back in Your Vocabulary

Increase Your Chances for Weight-Loss Success


  • This should be right out on the home page of Spark People so we can all see that it is our own responsibility for being where we are in life.
    I decided to make some wrong choices in the "unhealthy" living area but now I am making more choices to follow a healthy lifestyle.
    It is no ones choices but mine that caused me to be overweight. Now I choose to take steps to become healthier. I choose to make healthier choices for me.

    What a great article. - 9/20/2012 9:32:27 AM
  • I'm a little laete jumping on this bandwagon since I'm on vacation, but how about this?

    *I* am on vacation, but *I* am still in control of what I put in my mouth...

    Becca - 8/7/2012 8:08:00 AM
  • This is really helpful. I'm going to start writing today and I look forward to reading all the articles in this series. - 8/5/2012 1:34:50 PM
  • Excellent strategy. I hadn't been thinking and reacting to life like this before. I will begin right now. Thanks. - 5/18/2012 1:15:40 PM
  • Excellent advice, not just for dieting but also for getting clear on other issues in life. Thanks for a great article! - 5/15/2012 1:26:31 PM
  • So true! Everybody needs to be accountable for their own actions but with the pressures of everyday life and trying to live up to the expectations of others we sometimes forget to take care of ourselves.

    It's just like when you are on airplane and they give you the safety talk about what to do when the oxygen mask falls out of the roof in an emergency, you have to first put the mask on yourself first before you help anyone else.

    To be able to take care of other people in your life you need to take care of yourself first. - 4/5/2012 9:31:47 AM
  • Wow. One of the best weight loss (and motivation) articles I have ever read. - 4/5/2012 8:55:25 AM
    Very inspiring article and I'd like to say thank you for writing it. I also have been exposed to using the "I" statements but never thought of using it in the sense of weight loss or exercise. Now I know why I come up with the excuses I do. I'm going to use these ideas right away. Thank you so much. - 2/27/2012 12:39:46 PM
  • I love the concept of taking responsibility for yourself through the use of I statements.

    I blogged about something very similar just yesterday.

    Helen - 11/20/2011 6:46:59 PM
  • We are just past a major religious observance for me, and one of the things we do at that time is make vows for the next year (sort of like New Year's resolutions, but ones we really do keep, and intend to make a permanent part of our lives). This year, my vow is to stop making excuses when I do something or don't do something that is counter to my own well-being. Not that I won't do it, but that I won't lie to myself about why I did it. This seems like a really useful tool as I move through this year. Thank you. I think you have just helped me in my quest to become more aware of my own motivations and decision making processes. - 11/20/2011 12:21:12 PM
  • The self-responsibility factor is huge.... it illiminates my excuse that being a care taker of others is my priority. I need to make my health a priority, too, so I can continue to help the ones I love. - 11/5/2011 1:59:34 PM
  • I have had some experience with affermations. I never thought about using them dealing with diet and exercise. I think this is a very good idea. I like the idea of writing about what is behind whi I did or did not do something. I will read the rest of it and work and impliment this into my daily habits. I have enjoyed this so far. Thank you . - 10/3/2011 1:20:09 AM
  • I often find myself in situations that I feel I have completely no control over. My husband has frequently pointed out that I do have control, but I seem to have no way of understanding how. This article has really made me ponder how I make my decisions, and, whether this has even filtered through into my eating patterns. I'm going to follow his advice and write down what has happened to cause me to do something I didn't want to do and see what I find. I'm so tired of living my life this way. - 9/24/2011 5:46:01 AM
  • This is such a simple concept that it has completely escaped me. I am looking forward to completing all 10 steps and applying them, starting right now. - 9/14/2011 11:57:11 AM
  • Love, love, LOVE this writing solution for persistent problem areas! I can apply this to all sorts of life areas :-0 - 9/10/2011 7:11:04 PM

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