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Put the ''I'' Back in Your Vocabulary

Increase Your Chances for Weight-Loss Success


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I' m starting today! I can, I can, I can! Report
I agree with the self destructive mentality that you can do to your self. Thank you for this website. It really gives me a boost. Report
I totally agree with the I am too tired statement. I have that often. I always feel tired because I have trouble sleeping well. I wake up a lot or cannot go to sleep and it leaves me feeling like I can barely complete daily functions like dressing, eating and getting my kids to school. I know if I am more active I will feel more energy it is just getting up and doing it. I am also very bad about complementing myself on anything. This brings me down and makes things harder to accomplish. Report
There is one "I" statement I'm having trouble getting around, and it's one I say a lot: "I'm too tired." How can I change that into being a more positive "I" statement? I'm tired a lot, and although I know if I were in better shape I would be less tired more of the time, it's a hard thing to get past. Report
It all boils down to having the right mindset. A positive mindset that sees yourself as an "I can do" person instead of a "what if person". Food can't get into our mouths so the responsibility lies with me. Thanks for a great article. Report
I really need to do this. I hope I can keep this in mind throughout my long journey. Report
Instead of saying, there is never enough time to exercise propertly, I need to say - I do not prioritize my time properly Report
That pronoun, "I," is really awash in personal responsibility, isn't it? Report
I really needed to read this. Now that I think about it, I have become way too comfortable using anything but "I" statements. I have rarely thought about my true role in my current state. I think this step really is key to seeing clearly and taking control of my goals. I can no longer pretend the truth isn't true! Report
Perfect sense. I take ownership of my health. I am responsible to me for any lifestyle changes I really want to accomplish. Kate Report
Wow! An epiphany! Even in my daily journals, I start sentences without a pronoun "I" . . . I understand that this places accountability right back in my lap - the good news/bad news! Great article! Report
"I" don't know if this makes complete sense to me... just starting a sentence with I? Report
But really... Going out in cold or rainy weather it's not your fault. It's common sense!!! (Just kidding, or not) Report

will try this for a week and see what happens Report
WOW!! A whole new way of thinking about thing's, brilliant 'I' love it. I intend to keep reading this article until I really put what it advices into practice! Report

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