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Put the ''I'' Back in Your Vocabulary

Increase Your Chances for Weight-Loss Success


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  • I totally agree with the I am too tired statement. I have that often. I always feel tired because I have trouble sleeping well. I wake up a lot or cannot go to sleep and it leaves me feeling like I can barely complete daily functions like dressing, eating and getting my kids to school. I know if I am more active I will feel more energy it is just getting up and doing it. I am also very bad about complementing myself on anything. This brings me down and makes things harder to accomplish.
  • There is one "I" statement I'm having trouble getting around, and it's one I say a lot: "I'm too tired." How can I change that into being a more positive "I" statement? I'm tired a lot, and although I know if I were in better shape I would be less tired more of the time, it's a hard thing to get past.
  • It all boils down to having the right mindset. A positive mindset that sees yourself as an "I can do" person instead of a "what if person". Food can't get into our mouths so the responsibility lies with me. Thanks for a great article.
    I really need to do this. I hope I can keep this in mind throughout my long journey.
  • Instead of saying, there is never enough time to exercise propertly, I need to say - I do not prioritize my time properly
    That pronoun, "I," is really awash in personal responsibility, isn't it?
  • I really needed to read this. Now that I think about it, I have become way too comfortable using anything but "I" statements. I have rarely thought about my true role in my current state. I think this step really is key to seeing clearly and taking control of my goals. I can no longer pretend the truth isn't true!
    Perfect sense. I take ownership of my health. I am responsible to me for any lifestyle changes I really want to accomplish. Kate
  • Wow! An epiphany! Even in my daily journals, I start sentences without a pronoun "I" . . . I understand that this places accountability right back in my lap - the good news/bad news! Great article!
  • "I" don't know if this makes complete sense to me... just starting a sentence with I?
    But really... Going out in cold or rainy weather it's not your fault. It's common sense!!! (Just kidding, or not)
  • I

    will try this for a week and see what happens
  • WOW!! A whole new way of thinking about thing's, brilliant 'I' love it. I intend to keep reading this article until I really put what it advices into practice!
    This entire series is excellent! My thinking changed completely with the very first article! Thanks, Coach Dean for writing and sharing this information!
  • This article was just what I (CAPITAL I, that is) needed! I have always put everybody and everything else first, which placed me in the back of the bus. There were days... okay, lots of days... where I resented everyone I had put first, but I had put them there!

    My husband is always telling me to take Ann time, but I don't... I'm too busy doing laundry, dishes, cleaning, working, etc... to take the time to make Ann happy! Hmmm, this sounds like the start of a blog post here...


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