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Add Strength Training for Lean Muscles

Turn that Weight Loss Weakness into a Strength


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  • I finally started strength training last year, and it's made a huge difference in my upper-body strength in particular. Still working on shaping up those abs... That seems to take forever! But step by step, we'll get there!
  • My personal experience is that weight training DOES cause bulking up. When I worked out with weights, I stayed at my same body weight but developed much larger back, shoulder, and arm muscles. I stopped the weight training because my blouses and suit coats were getting too tight and the base of my neck was getting thick. This was from spending only about 45 min. 3 X week with weights--definitely not a body-building regimen.
    Strength training is a very important part of a fitness routine. As an Exercise Physiologist, Anatomy & Physiology Teacher, and a personal trainer with 18 years of experience I would like to add to this article by saying that there are many other benefits derived from strength training. These include increased heart wall strength, increased bone density, increased resting metabolic rate, and overall calorie consumption. Women should generally not worry about bulking up but I also advise women to worry less about the number on the scale when weight training. Muscle is much more dense than fat so as muscle tones (and maybe even a little is added) a person's weight might increase slightly. This is no reason to quit weight training! Give it time. As fat is used up the inches will come off. Would you rather say you lost 10 lbs but look basically the same or that you gained 3 lbs but lost a dress size? Remember, muscle cells use energy (even at rest), fat cells store energy (and use up very little). Adding muscle burns more calories and increases weight loss. Putting all this together means that a person can lose size while gaining a little weight. This weight is lean tissue and is healthy; so don't get too concerned about the scale when weight training. (We are far too number conscious when it comes to the little box on the bathroom floor.) The eye test can be an important indicator of success as well.
  • Thanks TamiFormal.. I had no idea what a bird dog was either. Learn something new every day. I get why they call it that though! hahaha...
  • The reverse crutch is the best one for me being an amputee, I can not do a lot of some of the exercises needed to do, until they replace my knee and then I start walking again on my leg and my new knee on my only leg, then I will be able to do some walking. Right now swimming is about it other than floor stuff and chair, I do a lot of that from when I was a dancer I knew how to do the chair exercises. So will keep doing these until I am well.
  • What in the world is a "bird dog"?!?!
  • Working with free weights has made a very big difference. I have muscle where I never had muscle before. It is very hard at times, but I find I like the challenge. Good article.
  • Strength training has been absolutely critical in maintaining my weight loss! And, take a look at my pic. I work out pretty hard , have more than tripled the amount of weight I can handle in many exercises, and I don't think I look even slightly bulky :)
  • Just the article I needed to read. Thanks!
    I went to school with Gail Devers. She was a fast runner back then too. At least 25 years ago. It's great to see a friends name mentioned in an ad.
    Beezy29 - That's a powerful statement. More than you know, thanks.
  • Strength training is what most likely attributed to my overcoming eating disorders, (anorexia with bouts of bulemia and over exercising). When I saw the beauty of muscle taking shape in my body, I liked it, when I saw the amounts of food I could eat with no negative repercussions, I loved it! I eat nutritiously, and this gives me energy for my strength training. I notice benefits every day, such as ease in carrying out the garbage, simple things like that!
  • Definitely sharing this with a friend of mine. She doesn't believe me when I tell her that weightlifting won't make her bulk up!
  • So it's rest 48 hours after lifting and not 24 hours? This is something new for me!

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