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Add Strength Training for Lean Muscles

Turn that Weight Loss Weakness into a Strength


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  • Is it really recommended by trainers that 2 days rest is the ideal after working particular muscle groups? Because I certainly do not normally do 2 days. 1 day is usually the norm, though I do TRY for 2:)
    It would be really helpful if all of the exercises listed had demos here on SP. I had never heard of Bird Dog either!

  • It's annoying that this article showed up on my start page even though it's over a year old and none of the horrendous spelling mistakes have ever been corrected.

    "Obloquies"? Seriously? I want to love this site, but it's getting harder and harder to take it seriously. :(
  • i really wish someone would proofread these articles. the grammar and spelling issues are glaring and really distract from the message.
  • Thanks for all the training tips!
    I just wanted to add that Gail Deavers is a WONDER!
  • Strength training for women does not add bulk. We do not have enough testosterone in or bodies to gain bulky muscles by simply doing strength training. Female body builders use either steroids or some other form or injection to get the testosterone needed to produce larger, bulky muscles. Males, however, can, and most likely will, bulk up when strength training.

    Women=lean muscle.

    Those girls at the gym who "don't lose weight" are simply ONLY doing strength training(or not enough cardio if they are doing cardio). Strength training doesn't burn many calories, thats why we can't track calories burned in the fitness tracker for strength training. If you do 100s of crunches, you will not see muscle definition until you burn the fat on top of the muscle by doing cardio. Same goes for all over your body. You need cardio to burn fat and see your muscles.. you may have a 6 pack of abs and not even know because of the fat on top.
  • Please explain the fact that strength exercises can indeed add bulk to your body. Uuummm Body Builders. They do not run to get the bulk they life weights. I know that strenght training is not bad, I strength train also. But everything has to be done properly and in proportion to your own body. If someone at my weight, 320's does not focus primarily on cardion and contriling her eating and activity levels and spends most of her time strength training, she will gain muscle on top of the fat itself.

    Ever seen people in your office that go to the gym all the time but never seem to loose any weight? We have all seen them. My best friend is one of them. After a while they will get discouraged and stop. ANd then start again. We really need to learn to exercise and strength train for our own body types. this website talkes all about it. The auther wrote Excape your shape and Hold it, your exercising wrong.

    These are really great books. If I am going to do all of this to loose weight, I am going to do it right!!!! Please understand. I am not saying that it is bad. It is not. But it must be done correctly for your shape and body or you will bulk ware you don't want to bulk.
  • Weight lifting was how I figured out how to maintain my weight. When I was in college, the weight started creeping on, and I tried just about everything to keep it down. I went vegan, started running all the time, and quickly gained five pounds. So, since I wasn't vegan for ethical reasons, just health reasons, I went back to eating meat, started lifting weights, and ended up losing the weight I gained and then some. And I'll admit, I like the look of some muscle on a girl.
  • Oops...Apologies. 4got to add the attachment :
  • I had no clue what a bird dog was either. Thanks 4 the link. :)
    I found another one with a lady-short & easy to follow.
  • Can you receive the same benefits from nautulis machine (sp?) training? I am hoping to move into free weight training in a few months but because of several injuries I'm afraid to move into free weights too quickly and reinjure myself because of inaccurrate form while doing to the exercises.
  • I finally started strength training last year, and it's made a huge difference in my upper-body strength in particular. Still working on shaping up those abs... That seems to take forever! But step by step, we'll get there!
  • My personal experience is that weight training DOES cause bulking up. When I worked out with weights, I stayed at my same body weight but developed much larger back, shoulder, and arm muscles. I stopped the weight training because my blouses and suit coats were getting too tight and the base of my neck was getting thick. This was from spending only about 45 min. 3 X week with weights--definitely not a body-building regimen.
    Strength training is a very important part of a fitness routine. As an Exercise Physiologist, Anatomy & Physiology Teacher, and a personal trainer with 18 years of experience I would like to add to this article by saying that there are many other benefits derived from strength training. These include increased heart wall strength, increased bone density, increased resting metabolic rate, and overall calorie consumption. Women should generally not worry about bulking up but I also advise women to worry less about the number on the scale when weight training. Muscle is much more dense than fat so as muscle tones (and maybe even a little is added) a person's weight might increase slightly. This is no reason to quit weight training! Give it time. As fat is used up the inches will come off. Would you rather say you lost 10 lbs but look basically the same or that you gained 3 lbs but lost a dress size? Remember, muscle cells use energy (even at rest), fat cells store energy (and use up very little). Adding muscle burns more calories and increases weight loss. Putting all this together means that a person can lose size while gaining a little weight. This weight is lean tissue and is healthy; so don't get too concerned about the scale when weight training. (We are far too number conscious when it comes to the little box on the bathroom floor.) The eye test can be an important indicator of success as well.

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