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Healthy Family Book Reviews

5 Books for a Healthier Household


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Wonderful suggestions!
Thank You Nicole. Report
I think it was easier many years ago when mothers did not work outside the home in the sense children were watched a litlle closer than they are now. Children also did not have computers, video games, etc. and they were more physically active than they are now. Fast food has not helped any either and it is all over the place. Report
Would have loved to have these resources when I was a kid. Mom did the best she could to help me, but I was very large when I was very small (and of course some of it was emotional shielding that happens for protection from things she didn't know about).

Anyway, the more resources, the better. Report
Sad to say, but yeah, we clearly need books to tell us how to feed and exercise our children. With two working parents and kids over-scheduled with activities (not necessarily sports), families are relying more on fast food or prepackaged convenience "foods", and spending less time on active pursuits on the weekend due to running themselves ragged during the week.

I think this article is a good jumping-off point for parents to get informed about making healthier choices for their children. Report
Do we honestly need books that tell us how to feed our children right and that they need to exercise. There must be a huge generation gap in how children are growing up these days. I'm 56 and my daughter is 19. My siblings and I played outdoors the whole time growing up and so did my daughter. It just seems like common sense. Report
I am NOT a fan of Dr. Sears. I think his books concerning immunizations can cause much harm to new parents. His opinions are not backed up by true medical investigations. Report
My kids and I love our trampoline. I hope it'll last another year or two.

They seem to go on sale every spring at KMart. Report
Great article. I recommend a trampoline for children to exercise on. My five children wore out two of them. Report

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