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Active Kids Do Better in School

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  • As a teacher, I never withhold PE from a student. Kids need that outdoor time to release the energy of having to sit and focus all day.
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  • As a kid who wasn't terribly athletic, PE taught me that exercise is boring, hard, and humiliating. Judging from so many similar comments, it seems like a common experience. Certainly it wouldn't take a great deal of creativity to overhaul PE curriculum to teach fitness on a more personal level. Honestly, had my 8th grade gym teacher not berated me for not being able to run a mile and taught me the proper way to run, maybe I would have learned to enjoy running 25 years sooner than I did.
  • John Ratey, MD wrote a book called Spark. He shares success stories including a high school in Chicago in which the PE teachers revolutionized how they taught PE class. The standardized test scores went up.It's an excellent book.

    There are a lot of factors why kids may not do well in school. Exercise before school starts seems to "get the energy out" and helps kids retain more information and to learn better even if they've got terrible circumstances.

    Exercise certainly might be a good thing to start earlier in life. My dad played baseball in high school and was quite good. Not good enough to go to do it professionally. Yet, he was dead set against exercise as a formal practice. He was hateful of PE class. It's not an exaggeration. At the time when my body was changing from child to adolescent, I gained lots of weight. I ran around the farm as a kid so I was literally a skinny stick of a kid. I had to learn to exercise once I left home.

    School should be about reading, writing and arithmetic. A lot of kids don't get enough exercise especially today when parents are scared their kids will be kidnapped or killed and so kids stay stay inside "where it's safe".
  • Let's differentiate between being active and playing in organized sports.
    In addition to being a soul-sucking time drain for parents, the risks associated with competitive sports must be high.
    This is purely anecdotal, mind you; I recently had to go through physical therapy for a back problem, and I found the number of children undergoing post-surgical therapy for injuries sustained while playing organized sports to be alarming.

    And don't get me started on the horrendous amount of education tax dollars wasted on competitive sports.
    Gym class and recess? Yes.
    PIAA sports teams? NO.
  • HILLSLUG98239
    In my mind, the most important thing sports teaches kids is that you can do your best and still lose. That's a painful thing to learn, and it can be heartbreaking to watch your kid go through that. But life will hand you those lessons in time; better to learn it early, while improving your self-esteem and sense of self.

    And I was one of those kids who never participated in sports and hated PE. I was a kid pre-Title IX. I'm amazed by the young women I see today who were encouraged to participate in sports. They're strong. They're confident. They will accomplish great things in their lives, and perhaps be great role models for the next generation. Brava, ladies!
  • thats great!! physical/out door games keep kids fit and strong, they help them to regain the energy rather than this video games!!
  • Great article. Kids are way different when we came up. They are so lazy.
  • I agree that physical activity is a must for children, but I disagree that mandatory PE or more vigorous activities are the answers. When I was a kid we had required PE (we called it gym back then) through 9th grade and it was torture, bad for my self esteem and havoc on my GPA because I could never do well in PE. If PE classes were tailored to the physical level of the individual child, that would be great but it isn't. It forces kids to be what they aren't. If I could have walked around the track for an hour instead of being forced to play soccer on a team that didn't want me on it, or volleyball, or whatever the game of the week was, I might have learned to enjoy physical fitness at a much younger age and stayed in much better physical shape than I did.
  • My BF is a 3rd grade teacher. She can attest that the days without PE or recess outside are harder to teacher because they are so ansy.

    PE or recess SHOULD be MANDITORY - at least thru middle school

    Whether PE is great or not depends almost completely on the teacher. Some are grossly incompetent. I had an overweight teacher who could never demonstrate anything she demanded we do. This wasn't a problem for me most of the time, since I was a skinny kid with good coordination, but I remember when she tried to force a girl with two left feet to jump over the horse again although she had broken her arm on the first try. And I remember the time when she, because I'd climbed a rope up to the ceiling without waiting for permission, started jangling the rope so I almost fell fifteen feet and my fellow students had to stop her. She could have killed me. The problem is not just that many of them are physically in terrible shape, but that some of them have obvious mental issues, and are cruel, and stupid, and bullies as some comments already mentioned. That is a much bigger problem.
    Now could you explain that to my 1st grader who whines as we walk to school and home each day. LOL!
  • Why criticize a poll for not bothering to define the many types of families?

    This poll did not presume to define "family." I took family to mean the family you choose to define. This could be three roomies or a couple or one parent with a foster child or whatever. I chose to define family as the four adults who don't always live under the same roof but we define ourselves as family.

    Please, everyone, feel free to choose how to define your own family. Don't expect a little SP poll to do that for you.

  • I had already thought that I would start having Jake walk jog with me in the morning this just makes me know I was right and we will be starting in the morning
  • This is part of why I have put my step-son in football. He's getting overweight, has some behavior issues at school (yet not at home...) and his PE at school is a joke. He definitely needed something extra-curricular to help out. He loves it! He's not very good at it yet, but his community league is very good. He plays outside at least an hour a day at home, but needs that extra push.

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