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  • Not only are Sparkers beautiful, smart, wonderful loving people
    they are also

    GREAT job, Friends
  • You don't eat anything without checking the nutrition information and your tracking on Spark first! :)
  • #5!

    My water bottle is like my fifth limb, now! You'll never see me without it!
  • I agree with these I start my day with tracking and end it with tracking. I too , found myself at Walmart, buying something to prepare for a meal,and the cashier ,asked about it,and I was more then glad to tell her about sparks people and she told me to let her know about the dish,and she was going to check out sp.
  • Tonight I saw a woman get on the scale in my gym. I honestly am not sure if I was looking or just happened to see it, but she weighed just under 200 lbs. She was so excited, exclaiming "Oh my G-d" and the like. I so much wanted to congratulate her and tell her about SparkPeople. However, she was not alone. And fearing that I might be called nosy, I left her alone.
  • great list! Love every one and they are all so true!
  • These comments are all so true. Thank God got SparkPeople, Zumba and Curves.
  • I am reading and nodding my head to all of these. I do agree with #1! Thanks!!!
  • Yes #3 is the winner for me too. I have sent referrals to this website to my over weight friends who've been wanting to lose weight. I even sent it to family members. I have yet to get a response. I think they're mad at me...
  • i LOVE # 3…You see an overweight person on the street and want to approach them and tell them about SparkPeople, and the only thing that stops you is the fact that they might hit you. (MOMOF05)
    #3- You can't judge where anyone else is in their journey. They might already be on SP... or they might be happy the way they are, and that is okay too!
  • Some are quite hilarious but I think those are what I always do, especially getting my water bottle before my car keys, it's like unbreakable habit, hehe.
  • You know you're a SparkPerson...when you're sitting around thinking up lists of reasons you might be a SparkPerson.
    These were all good, I especially enjoyed and related to #1
  • I must be a sparkperson b/c as soon as someone mentions ANYTHING about weight,weight loss or weight-related, I launch off into telling them all about sparkpeople and MORE than they ever wanted to know!!! I KNOW i'm spreading the spark! Plus if you're INTERESTED in getting the POINTS for referring THEM ---you KNOW you're a sparkperson!!!

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