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Start Small with an Exercise Fast Break

How Can Small Equal Fast?



8/5/2009 10:43:59 PM

i like this article. i've been beating myself up because I don't feel up to the 45 min workout dvd i brought, so I don't workout at all. but I realize I can do it in 15 min intervals throughout the day. some exercise is better than none.


8/5/2009 3:53:40 PM

Exercise has become my best friend. However, as I need it most, like most self-care I have not been following a consistent routine. I have, begun using wii fitness, but sometimes just doing that seems like an effort. I know something is better than nothing so I do what I can to keep moving knowing this is one of my best defenses against the depression,


8/5/2009 11:14:48 AM

It is good to be reminded of this. I have exercised in the past but always jump back to it at a full blown speed and sometimes get hurt that way.


8/5/2009 8:38:53 AM

SAALIHAH's SparkPage
This article makes sense, I will start slow, because I want my weightloss to be something long term and beneficial for the long haul.. Ive been absent from the working out for at least a year, so I will dedicate 20mins every day for days a week..


7/14/2009 8:08:16 PM

KHADEEJAH1's SparkPage
I'm going to try this because I am struggling with the exercise thing. I'll start tonight with getting 8 hrs. sleep. Thanks for the article.


7/13/2009 7:55:07 AM

DAP1313's SparkPage
I need to remember not to use the "All or Nothing" mentality. I tend to throw myself into an exercise routine full steam ahead and of course I over whelm myself and stop it. I've saved this article to reread to help me not keep up that cycle.

Great article.


5/22/2009 6:00:06 PM

GETTO140's SparkPage
I used this method when starting knowing it had a real name!! It works! I didn't exercise for years before starting. If I started at full throttle, I would have quit...again! I can't live without exercise now!!


4/4/2009 5:27:04 AM

I am so happy I found this article especially since I am working my way back into a fitness regiment after being sedentary for 9 months. It really helped me to get an understanding of why I shouldn't be so gung-ho to overdo exercises..... doing that would only make it harder for me to stick to it if I become sore or injured.


3/11/2009 9:41:35 AM

BREW99's SparkPage
I love fast breaks. I love to do something active away from my office desk when possible. The movement starts the blood to move around in my body once again and it refreshes me.


1/8/2009 5:10:05 PM

LILSPAZ77's SparkPage
I am totally understanding this article. I took two weeks off from working out and started back today with intense cardio. I felt like I was going to pass out and normally I dont feel like that. I need to ease myself back into.


1/8/2009 12:48:15 PM

I'm new to this site and trying to find my way around but wanted to comment on this article. Seventeen years ago I worked in a gym and worked out all the time, wether I was working or going on my time (couldn't miss a day at all). Now after seventeen years, four kids and gaining over 100lbs I thought I could just walk back in to the gym and start almost were I was! Well, when I got off the tredmill I almost landed on the floor because my legs were like rubber AND after I did some leg machines, I couldn't walk the next day. The pain was terrible! So, after being away from the gym this time, I'm going to follow every suggestion in this article and hopefully I will keep going this time. I have been paying for my gym membership for 3 years but didn't go back after I hurt myself the first time. So here is to starting today and starting small!!
Thank You, Kim


1/8/2009 10:25:59 AM

JIBBIE49's SparkPage
Great article, even the second time I read it.


12/12/2008 12:26:29 PM

MSTRINII's SparkPage
Once you stop working out, it becomes harder to start back. I didn't work out for 2 weeks, but when I started back the first day it was a struggle. By day 2, I was back to my routine and even increased my workout time by 30 min.


10/6/2008 3:39:03 PM

Great advice! Although it might take a while to get back to where you were before you stopped exercising, it's amazing how the body can adapt and improve with just so little effort.


7/14/2008 7:31:55 AM

It's amazing how soon your fitness deteriorates if you don't work out! I was doing 40 plus minutes on my elliptical when I was losing weight. Once I reached goal I virtually stopped working out and now I find 15 minutes hard! Time to get back on track. NancyLee, you should change your exercise intensity/duration when it seems too easy for you. That's different for everybody, so it's hard for them to tell you how long you should do it for.

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