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Start Small with an Exercise Fast Break

How Can Small Equal Fast?


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    This article came just at the right time. I am getting "back on track" again and I know I shouldn't expect to be at the same fitness level as I was in November. I've been consistent with walking for the past two days and I just stocked the refrigerator with healthy options and took the time to prepare my lunch in advance to bring to work. Thanks for posting these words of encouragement. We all need them from time to time.
  • TDL5685
    I actually enjoy the soreness. It lets me know that whatever I did must be working and you can actually feel the muscles that you excerised because those are the ones that are complaining.
  • LEAN04
    Enjoyed the article, it really answered a lot of question.
  • I wish I could get 8 hours of sleep every nite, but having a 2 year old - it's kinda hard!
  • I think being consistant with working out keeps soreness at bay, If you do a little something every day your muscles will stay limber. I also do a stretching workout once a week. It's relaxing and makes me more flexable. I've lost nearly 100 lbs. with this regiment.
  • I still trying to get my 6 - 8hrs sleep every night. But whenever I got enough sleep, tomorrow morning I felt so good. By the way, great ideas to begin fast break!
  • RONIE11
    this is fate that the article should show up today. I upped my routine last week so much that I'm a bit useless this week I'm not sore I just don't have any energy to push myself.
    I needed to go a bit slower so now I"m back to where I was a few weeks ago.. thats ok at least I know I can build back up to it and now I know how..
  • I could really use to make an effort toward the "8 hours of sleep" fast break. It's probably the weakest point of my health and fitness. No wait, it is.
  • Very useful article! When I've dropped (once again) off the wagon, it's so much easier getting back on if I just aim at 10 minutes cardio a day to start with, not some impossible "i'll work out 2 hours to make up for falling off!".

    By the way, there's a '"hundred push-ups" and "two hundred situps" program on the net that works great as a good way to get back into working out because it starts small but picks up. Sparkpeople links to it at one point, too, but googling will find it quickly.
  • I was soooooooooooooo over-weight when I started in Oct. 2009. I changed my eating habits and after losing 30 lbs. or so I started to exercise. Even though I was ungainly at first, I started to see results after a few weeks. Now, 56 lbs. later I'm an exercise machine!!!! I work out every day and couldn't imagine NOT doing it. I also find that working out helps me with my minor bouts of depression. I always feel better after a good "sweat".
  • After reading this I decided to start again! I've been meaning to ...
    This article was encouraging. Reminds everyone that baby steps are good and not
    to feel defeated if you don't go all out everyday. Just keep going!
    It's been years and years and years since I have had a regular exercise routine. I do the quick and easy: parking at the far end of the row, climbing the stairs, and occasionally walk a couple of miles or nordic trak. I'm getting married in October and going to Colorado for our honeymoon--apparently this will involve some horseback riding, hiking etc. My cousin mentioned SparkPeople in an email the other day and here I am. I know time is short but my efforts will begin today and will continue (I pray). The comments I've read have been both motivating and encouraging. My exercise "style" seems to be geared to the 15-minute and I really relate to KimberlyPaige99's pain experience when I recently walked the mall with my daughters and grandchildren and learned that you really can "shop til you drop!" I've gathered my equipment and I'm ready to start with stretching and who know where that will lead . . . I'll keep you posted.
  • KMAT324
    This article made me feel better with struggling to get going. Simply things like walking, stretching, and taking the stairs are already in my daily routine so I'm not as bad off as I thought. The more intense exercises though is what I need to work on and my goal here is simple while I get up to stratch. Just do a little more than before...

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