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Kick Your Metabolism Into High Gear!

The Dos and Don'ts of Efficient Fat-Burning


  • Great Article. - 2/5/2016 9:41:08 AM
    See a real live dietitian to help you lose weight. All extra exercises are fun if you don't need your job or have anyone to take care of and can go and do as you please...reality bites, the writers of these articles need to find some reality !! - 2/5/2016 4:35:37 AM
  • I joined Spark people a month ago.. I love this site.. I know I shouldn't feel discouraged, but this week I stayed the same on the scales.. I have counted my calories and walked a mile and a half everyday.. I eat a lot of veggies and low calories meals.. What do I need to do to change things, so that I can keep my weight going down.. I 'm sure I'm not alone on having days that the scales stay the same... I don't like to feel discouraged and give up..I have lost a total of 14 lbs so far.. I am proud of that..Just venting lol.. - 2/4/2016 6:15:48 AM
  • There is no such thing as "fun exercise". Exercise is something I do because I have to. I do not enjoy it. I'm not an athletic person, so I don't play sports, run races, or do something as crazy as a triathlon. I really get sick and tired of reading "find an activity that you like to do". Surprise!!!! The activities I like to do are reading, playing the piano and singing. It is not my idea of fun to get up at 5:15 am, go to the gym, ride a recumbent bike, and then go home and get ready to go to work. - 12/28/2015 8:59:56 PM
    Intermittent fasting works. The starvation mode myth is just that....a myth. - 12/27/2015 5:16:23 PM
  • I don't mean to be picky but isn't 30 percent of 20 pounds SIX pounds of muscle? - 11/19/2015 9:07:50 PM
  • This is mostly good information but suggesting that "starvation mode" is real always jars me. There's no good research to support this position; creating a calorie deficit will always cause weight loss even if not in a healthful way. - 5/28/2015 1:26:44 PM
  • The answer to WLIBERTY's question is NO, questions are not answered here. The comment information specifically states "Please do not ask questions here. If you have questions, please post them on the Message Boards in order to get a response." So try that if you have questions. - 7/25/2014 5:00:00 AM
    I have started yoga and journaling my fitness workouts. It helps me to see that I'm sticking to my goals. - 3/27/2013 5:25:07 PM
  • I have a question. When I read the comments on this article and others I often see questions. I never see answers. Are the questions answered? If so where? - 10/13/2012 5:59:49 PM
    I think the mental factor is what gets me everytime! I need to reduce the stress and think positively - 6/9/2012 3:23:26 PM
  • MAGIE40
    very good information - 4/16/2012 10:01:30 PM
  • Adding this to my favorites! It is accurate, concise, and useful - I'll refer to it over and over again. THANKS for a great article. - 1/8/2011 3:25:42 PM
  • i have a question i was wondering about with this article... i want to know if sleeping in through breakfast will hurt my metabolism, because it says don't skip meals but at the same time it says get shut eye so i want to know if what i'm doing is hurting my metabolism and if i should get up early and eat breakfast instead of sleeping in? - 8/16/2010 11:53:34 PM
  • This is a really great summary of all the things we do without considering. I am a living example that many of these things will have big impacts. I have a decent metabolism, but even so senior clinical year saw me put on 20 pounds. I was working 6-7 days a week with 17 hour days not unheard of. I routinely got 3-5 hours of sleep and got called in at weird hours. I also would often have long stretches between meals. I pretty much lived your "don't"s :( - 8/16/2010 9:02:42 AM

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