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Stretching Should Not Be Missing In Action

Easy Moves that Keep You in the Game


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An all stretching video would be great. I have a Karen Voight Pure & Simple Stretch tape (yeah, tape!) that I love & need to do more often. Thanks for the article! I've been trying to make regular stretching more of a routine. Thanks for the motivation! Report
I'm so glad I read this! I've been stretching out in the pool after I slowly jog my first half-lap (25 meters) I'll stop now.

But I do LU-U-UV my post-jogging stretch! Especially when it's relatively quiet in the pool.

Judy Report
What a timely article for me. Somehow stretching had dropped by the wayside. I was spending all of my exercise time with cardio and strength and I could not understand why my body was hurting where it should not hurt. Stretching is changing all that.

It's really difficult (and painful) to get lost flexibility back when you are older and have joint wear. So stretch regularly throughout your life to keep hold of it. Report
Thanks for this article. Hey, I was wondering is it possible for you, Coach Nicole to make a SparkPeople fitness dvd that has nothing but stretching workouts? I seem to be doing the same stretches and have made sure to save this article to favorites but I don't always have the computer on. It would be nice to have a dvd to put in after a cardio workout or strength workout to do some more stretching.
Just some food for thought. Report
All too often overlooked flexibility is an important component to general good health. I needed the reminder, good basic article.
Cyn Report
Very grateful for this article - I have been missing out on stretching because I am always in a rush to get on with other things once I have done a warm-up and a workout. Hopefully my muscles will be less sore now that know how important it is to complete the workout process. Always learning something more here - thank you. Report
Very helpful. I learned this week from a massage that I have not been stretching enough. The massage therapist found that I was super ticklish when she tried to massage my legs. She said that my muscle were very tense. I thought I was doing enough stretching. I've stepped it since then and I will use this article as my guide. THANKS! Report
Great article! I saved it and will refer to it often. As a beginner in the world of becoming fit, this is quite useful! Report
I have learned to take the time to stretch after a workout, and I am amazed how much more limber I have become! I feel lighter and taller too! Report
Great Article. I will be sure to stretch after each workout. Report
Some mornings, the only thing that gets me to do my workout is knowing I'll get my muscles warm enough for a good stretch afterward...heaven! Report
I love to stretch after a work out, For a moment I feel taller... Report
I do not understand not stretching before working out, My kids both played soccer and it was very important for them to stretch and warm up. I have never heard to not stretch before working out, Can anyone explain this ? Report
I look forward to my stretches after a workout, It feels great! Report

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