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Stretching Should Not Be Missing In Action

Easy Moves that Keep You in the Game


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  • I do not understand not stretching before working out, My kids both played soccer and it was very important for them to stretch and warm up. I have never heard to not stretch before working out, Can anyone explain this ?
  • I look forward to my stretches after a workout, It feels great!
  • I love, love, love this article. Thank you! I walk a total of 4 miles every day (30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes at night) and I stretch a bit after each walk, knock wood no soreness or pain. Again, I thank you for an informative article, many of us (as the prior posts show) were doing it wrong...You set us straight!
  • Is there a way to get Spark Points for stretching, other than adding weights?
  • Thanks for putting me right. I always thought stretching was a great way to start exercise! No wonder I couldn't keep it up!
  • I always thought you should stretch before and after workout, but , you never too old to learn. Great article.
  • I love this article. My boyfriend never wants to stretch. Wait until I show him this.
    As a dancer, I can definitely tout the benefits of stretching on a regular basis. I always get a jarring reminder when I rush home from a workout and leave it out - major sore muscles in the morning! It's easy to add and easy to do daily - no sweating required!

    I just read the article on stretching. I did not know that it was not advisable to stretch before exercising. Thanks for the helpful information.

  • Is there a way to add a particular stretching exercise to the fitness tracker?
  • I am extremely happy that I read this article. I've been stretching daily but only before my workouts. Now I realize that it does make more sense to stretch after the workout. I'm going to try it tonight! :-)
  • i love stretching after i work out. it's really helps get my heart rate back to normal and helps me relax after an intense workout.
  • Wow . . I've always believed that you had to stretch before and after. I guess that will leave me a little more time for the actual excercise.
  • Good article, I think I've been doing it wrong...Thanks!
  • Hi,I hate 2 repeat what everyone else said,but it's all true! Never dreamed of actually stretching "after" my workout! Thanks...keep the tips coming. I like to work out in a gym for weight lifting,but I Love a good cardio pool routine! "Gracious"

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