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The Most Undervalued Piece of Equipment in the Gym

9 Reasons to Try the Indoor Rowing Machine


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  • Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm. - Winston Churchill
  • I wish that there was a YMCA that had an indoor pool or even gym close by that I could go to (that isn't so expensive). One of the few disadvantages to living in the middle of nowhere - lol
  • I am definitely more convinced than I was before to try the rower. :)
  • I love my rowing machine. I am so glad I bought one because I use it almost everyday now. It's something I can use even with joint and spine issues.
  • We have a rowing machine at our work gym. I went to a new stretching class and was the only one who showed up, so our staff fitness instructor showed me the rowing machine after we did some stretching as something 'new' to throw in the mix (she noticed I mostly stuck to cycling class or the treadmill). Love it! We bought a treadmill for home over the weekend so I can walk my daily miles there and use the rowing machine during my afternoon breaks at work.
  • I can only do about 2 minutes on the rowing machine at a time
    For an even better workout, use a 3:1 ratio (at a resistance setting of #3). The pull should be fast for a count of 1, and the return to the start position should be slower for a count of 3.
    My son and daughter in law bought a rowing machine for home use, it is wonderful and they love it. Obviously, if you have something not right with your body, you don't use something like this......
  • The rower is my favorite piece of indoor equipment.
  • I've been using the rowing machine for some time now which I include in interval rotation, treadmill, stairmaster, stationary bike, the elliptical and the rowing machine. I enjoy it as it does provide the total body workout as most of the machines I use lack the upper body. I offset this with hand weight exercises and push ups .you're right, it is the most undervalued as it is hardly occupied at my fitness center.
  • Great article. I love the Concept 2 rower. It has become my favorite piece of gym equipment.
  • I have recently started using the rowing machine, and I love it. I must admit that I am concerned that I am not using it correctly, though. As for being the most underused piece of equipment in the gym, I disagree. There are 6 machines in the gym, and sometimes they are all being used at the same time.
  • I sporadically used a rowing machine 2007-2012 when I had a gym membership, then I started exercising at home. This past Christmas, I found a rowing machine for under $100 sold by Its not nearly as sturdy as those in the gym, and I wouldn't recommend it if you weigh more than about 220 pounds. It has served me well, as in the last for years I've gotten my weight under 195. It has strengthened me in these last 2 months, and I've replaced a lot of other core exercises I had been doing.
  • I am a former NCAA collegiate rower and then rowed with a community rowing club for many years after graduation. Rowing is a wonderful sport. I encourage everyone to try it. Please be sure to ask for help from the staff at the gym if you are just starting out. The form is VERY important so as not to strain your back. If your arms are working too hard, you are doing it wrong - it should be mostly legs.
  • I would love to have a rower. However, my knees wouldn't allow it! I have a total knee that doesn't bend past 85 degrees, if I force it I might get 90, but that's about it!

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