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Soda Drinkers Beware!

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  • No to all the bans and warning labels. Even if soda's are not healthy - just like thousands of other foods, drinks, sports, and activities when done to excess - Freedom means that some people will screw up. Labels are only good for making people aware of what they don't or couldn't know. Sodas contain lots of sugar and empty calories - everyone knows it.
  • Pop is not healthy. I wish the article had included a mini blurb about why diet is not a good pop to drink either. I had to learn the hard way about diet pop.
  • Soda machines should be off during school hours. No commercials during kids' TV. I don' t think the warning label would affect consumption and especially not in young children.
    Labels won't teach people that EVERYTHING is "ok" in moderation.
  • I understand the idea of a warning label, but at this rate every food will have a label that says, "Eating too much of this will make you gain weight."

    We don't need labels and warnings. What we need is better nutrition education from the elementary level on, and a program to get undereducated adults involved too. It's a problem that starts at home and is established from a very young age, in many cases.
  • CINDY0619
    I don't think soda should have a warning by any means. If it did, all food would have to have a warning. Consuming too many calories in general, not consuming soda specifically is what makes people gain weight! If I drink one soda a day but only consume 1500 calories total, I will not gain weight (assuming I do more than literally lay around all day).
  • The only thing I have given up completely in my quest for lower weight and better health is soda. Any and all. Diet and/or Regular. The empty calories of sugared soda wasn't worth it and the chemicals in the diet are just not good for you.

    Since giving up on diet soda, I no longer eat any fake sweeteners. Which makes it so that I eat more REAL food. For ecample, I can no longer eat 'lite' yogurts with chemicals and processed fruits. I eat real greek yoburt with real fruit. With the nutrients in tact and healthful.

    I also notice that my cravings for sweets have gone down tremendously and I no longer get migraines. I'm starting to see a huge correlation between fake sweeteners and all sorts of physical ailments. Give up the pop, drink more water!!!
  • I'm wondering how the researchers defined soft drinks. Did they include both those containing high fructose corn syrup and those containing only cane sugar? I would imagine that these have very different health consequences (although cane sugar is still only good in moderation).
  • I switched from regular sodas to diet in 2003. I've tried to kick my diet soda habit - but I haven't been very good at it. I would like to ultimately get rid of it as I believe it has led to my cravings of sugary foods/carbs - which I did not really have until I switched from regular to diet. Any suggestions? I've tried just drinking more water, green tea, etc. But sometimes I just really want a nice icy diet pepsi with tons and tons of ice. And no amount of water, tea, or anything is going to fix that craving. Ideas?
  • When I changed my diet to the Spark Healthy Diet Plan, I gave up my 1-2 day Coke habit. I could never tolerate diet coke. That was really the only big change I made. It really made a difference in my weight loss. I still have one occassionally -- usually while traveling, but I no longer rely on my morning and afternoon wake up coke. I agree the dailly habit was a major contributor to my weight gain.
    My food cravings stopped when I gave up artificial sweeteners along with the occasional diet soda. Soda (diet & regular) are being linked to more and more health risks.
  • not a big soda or fruit drinker love water and non-fat milk always have when were kids soda was only in the house during the holidays and at picnic's and there were not the fast food places in every block
  • Might explain the news showing that COKE is making their bottles (plastic) in smaller sizes. 3 oz more than a can. I think it will change their data statistics in the end nad they will come out looking like they care about our wellfair - when actually they care only about income. justthinkingoutloudhere...
    My doctor told me (I am a diabetic) I could only drink Sprite Zero and after I got used to it, it's pretty good. Not bad for you like other diet drinks either.
  • I stopped drinking sodas 2 years ago, and it's made a huge difference. I don't even crave them anymore. And I no longer drink sweet tea, or tea of any kind.

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