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Soda Drinkers Beware!

Nutrition News Flash


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Didnt we already know that increasing you calories can make you gain weight? I am not sure why they are just figuring it out now.
I think keeping soda out of school is a great idea, but that doesnt mean people wont bring them in on their own. Report
It is great to see that so many people agree with government staying OUT of our business. I wholeheartedly agree. I homeschool my children but would agree with keeping all sodas and fake food out of schools. Why parents continue to give their children this junk is beyond me...there is absolutely NO nutritional value in soda is empty calories, sugar that causes a whole host of other problems...look around people, we're all fat and walking around with GMO/fast food/fake sugar and soda in our hands....and we have to WONDER what's wrong....everyone knows what junk food is and if we choose to eat it, so be it...we're just making ourselves more fat and unhealthy and we're making the food(so called) makers and drug companies richer....boy, arn't we smart! Report
Soda machines/juice drinks/energy drinks have NO PLACE in schools.
At home, parents can choose to have or not have these drinks available, and should have conversations with their children about good food choices. Hopefully parents will make good choices themselves and help their children make good choices. A soda could be a very occasional treat, maybe once a month or less. It works with my family, but it takes the parents making a choice first.
I don't think a warning label is necessary or helpful, but I do think sodas and other similar drinks should be regulated for quality, safe ingredients. We could tax the hell out of sodas, energy drinks, cigarettes, alcohol, and fast food - and then put that money back into making fresh, organic fruits and vegetables more available and affordable, supporting farmers who follow good practices.
I'm always intrigued by the people who don't want any government involvement...yet, they sure as heck want the fire truck or ambulance or police to come running when they need them. They want these people to be educated and know how to do their job. They want them to be able to access their homes on adequate roads.
As a people, in all the decisions we make, including whether or not to have sodas and other junk food in our lives, we need to make intelligent decisions based on reputable science. Choose what is good for you, your physical body, your emotional health, your family. Report
Seems to be enough information out there about health risks. We need the government to stay out of telling us what we should or shouldn't do. People need to accept responsibility for themselves and their actions. Report
I think it is stupid to be targeting sodas and juice as if they are the only thing causing high obesity rates.

You could almost replace soda/juice with cupcake in the article and it would read the same way.

Americans know that stuff like that isn't good for them; they just don't necessarily care enough to do something about it.

If there is to be a warning label on sodas it should be to a caffeine and sugar addiction hotline where they can get information on how best to kick the habit.

For kids...I don't think school cafeterias should serve sodas or juice but other than that it's up to the parents to make the right choice when they are shopping and if they don't want their kid to get soda from the vending machine they shouldn't send them to school with money. Not to mention that banning stuff will only make the kids want it more and not teach them the value of moderation. Report
It would be interesting to have a ban during commercials and serve healthier liquids in schools. A campaign in the schools stressing the disadvantages of soda drinking is also valuable.What seemed to help cigarrette buying was a large tax on them. How bout putting a tax on sodas? It would bring in some much needed revenue to the feds and limit the amount that people would buy without considering the possibility of gaining weight. I donĀ“t think a warning label is needed;people do what they want to. Report
I agree with Carol. The goverment needs to stay out of our lives. Putting a warning label on soda isnt going to stop people from drinking it. Americans know soda is bad for you, and putting a label on it isn't going to stop people from drinking it. What about all the sugary fruit drinks out there, soda is bad for you, and so is koolaid and all the other sugary drinks that have no other nutritional value. Labels arent going to affect anyone, its just a way on the goverment trying to control Americans lives.

I don't think there should be any soda machines in schools. There was never soda machines in our schools when we went to school. The only place there should be soda machines in the the teacher lounges. Soda machines in school is a bad idea because kids can drink as much as they want without their parents knowing.

As for banning soda commericials on kids television shows, I dont think thats going to do anything either. Kids are still going to see soda commericals and still want to drink soda. It should be the parents job to control how much soda a child drinks, not the government. Report
No more labels. 'Nuff said. They don't work. Report
This is ridiculous! The government needs to get out of our lives and concentrate on cutting our now 15 TRILLION debt!! If there's "excess" anywhere, it starts with our government! People know that regular soda is NOT healthy and has calories! People know that drinking a lot do them will add up and they might gain weight! Americans are not idiots! People who drink a lot of regular soda do it b/c they WANT TO! It's that warning label is going to stop them. Same thing as putting warning labels on donuts or other unhealthy food! Get some common sense people (in government)!!! When can Americans be responsible for their own lives and not have gvmnt keep getting involved?!?! About schools and pop, I can see it either way. I do not mind taking it out of schools, so parents don't have to worry about kids buying it there & not being able to keep track of their consumption, as parents should be doing and not the gvmnt Report
I'm all for banning it from schools and kiddie program commercials, but not on he labels for adults. People can decide to drink to their grave if they want, but we should @ least protect our children for some part of the day, i.e. school. (tho we can't control what happens when they get home @ least that's one less can a day...) Report
No to all the bans and warning labels. Even if soda's are not healthy - just like thousands of other foods, drinks, sports, and activities when done to excess - Freedom means that some people will screw up. Labels are only good for making people aware of what they don't or couldn't know. Sodas contain lots of sugar and empty calories - everyone knows it. Report
Pop is not healthy. I wish the article had included a mini blurb about why diet is not a good pop to drink either. I had to learn the hard way about diet pop. Report
Soda machines should be off during school hours. No commercials during kids' TV. I don' t think the warning label would affect consumption and especially not in young children. Report
Labels won't teach people that EVERYTHING is "ok" in moderation. Report
I understand the idea of a warning label, but at this rate every food will have a label that says, "Eating too much of this will make you gain weight."

We don't need labels and warnings. What we need is better nutrition education from the elementary level on, and a program to get undereducated adults involved too. It's a problem that starts at home and is established from a very young age, in many cases. Report

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