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The Right Salad May Help You Eat Less

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  • This article is so true! I think low fat and low cal are just buzz words. They are used only for the purpose of the business using them. Marketing plow
  • this works for me...
  • I also agree with Azure Sky - low fat and fat free dressings are counter-productive.
  • Agree with Azure Sky.
    I find it hard to start a meal with a salad. It's just not the way I was brought up. In my Italian family, salad was always served after the main meal, to aid in digestion. I do however eat lots of salads as my main meal and include nuts and some protein. It may be a higher calorie salad, but it is nutritious. I don't worry so much about the calories as much as how nutritionally dense it is.
  • #womenlaughingwithsalad
  • I've been trying to increase the "crunch factor" by incorporating chopped celery and sugar snap pea pods into my salads, as opposed to high-calorie croutons. It is tasty and lets me have even more veggies.
    Skip the fat-free dressings and use real olive or canola oil with a flavorful vinegar & some spices. Fat-free dressings are full of sugar and chemicals.

    The oil will help to absorb the nutrients in your foods better, and will help you stay full longer.
  • Interesting info. Thanks for sharing
  • I will allow for all the above additions BUT make the salad my only meal.I may even add a small amount of meat also but there again it it my total meal not a starter to the main meal and I don't use any cheese products as that is pure fat even the lo-fat cheese is too much in a salad.
  • I will have to start eating my salad first
  • Thanks for the article. I often eat a large salad that is never satifing then end up eating a large meal. I guess that is why Im in the shape am in. I will try it!!
  • I am wondering what the tip was on keeping lettuce fresh I missed it.
  • I remember in the past, I ate salads everyday for lunch, and my normal breakfast and dinner, I lost 37lbs. Most I've lost ever!
  • Good article and the helpful suggestion on preserving lettuce is something I will try. As a vegetarian I have salad before dinnern3-5 times per week . I now have my hypothesis confirmed. An 8 oz glass of pure fruit juice can satiate you before meals also. S if you find your self starving while preparing meals, sip a glass of fresh juice instead, dilute with water if necessary.

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