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Gallstones Linked to Gut Circumference

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  • a friend of mine has problems with her gall bladder from time to time. Too bad this article doesn't include issues that women might have with their gall bladder
  • After passing 2 VERY painful stones, I gave up sodas and haven't had any since. I drink even more water now that I'm trying to lose weight.
  • Oddly enough most of the male relatives I have especially on my Dad's side fit in to the criteria but NOBODY had ever had gallstones,
  • Well it seems to me that when I complained about some article being only for women I was basically told to shut up. Funny that.
  • MEN? What about - ahem - WOMEN? Sheesh! Once again, HALF THE HUMAN RACE is ignored wrt health studies? What? Are we NOT impacted by this at all? Somehow - I don't THINK so....... :(
  • Someone else mentioned this below...weight loss is also linked to gall bladder issues.
  • I had gallstones and gall bladder attacks (confirmed by ultrasound) but since I changed my diet and started exercising no more attacks. I was supposed to have the gall bladder taken out but it has been 2 years with no attacks so I'm happy that I didn't. I'm sure this won't work for eveyone but maybe it would for some other like myself.
  • @SADDHU1: If you read my comment, you may have noticed the bit where I said that "my doctor told me."

    Reading is fundamental! ;)
  • @Lilliputianna, gallstones are hardened cholesterol 90% of the time and hardened bilirubin the other 10% of the time. GALLSTONES ARE NEVER MADE OF CALCIUM!!! THAT IS KIDNEY STONES--- TOTALLY DIFFERENT. Please do not mislead.
  • I recommend many natural remedies, but not a gallstone flush. If the gallstones are blocking the duct and causing extremely painful inflammation, get your gallbladder removed. I did and I am so glad! Gallstone flushes are NOT supported by science and there is zero evidence that they work. Get an ultrasound to confirm stones, then try to flush, and get another ultrasound and you will see that they haven't gone anywhere. There is a gallstone dissolving prescription medication for people who can not risk surgery, but it takes 6-12 mo to start working and does not even work that well. The standard of care is gallbladder removal. But, if gallstones do not cause symptoms, you can leave the gallbladder in most of the time.
  • 1. Gallstones are more common in WOMEN than in men! So why no mention of it?
    2. Article title is backwards, should read "Gut Circumference Linked to Gallstones."
    3. I have never had a 30+ inch waist and I am 5'9", but you know what? I had loads of gallstones! I am so glad I had that pesky thing removed! Best decision ever.
  • there are direct cleansings for the gallbladder itself, i dont know why this would be geared mainly towards men, because women have just as much of an issue as men do..

    I did a Gallbladder flush with the guidance of a homeopathic Dr. It works well, you expell them out of your body.. and you feel better after about a week and a couple days! so... those that dont think all natural doesnt work they are mistaken it works wonders.

  • I had my gallbladder out when I was 28 years old, had a 28 inch waist, and was in the best health of my life. My doctor said it was because I had a mineral (calcium) rich diet and didn't eat enough fat to process that mineral. So, deposits of calcium started building up in my gall bladder. So much for a big waist causing my gall stones (which were HUGE by the way).

    Also, correlation is not causation. I really wish these "studies" SP posts would stress that.

    Lastly, I'm so glad MEN have this problem. There's a photo of a girl measuring herself a the top of the article...but the story is about MEN. Seriously, does anyone edit the copy on this site?
  • This article was so slanted - nothing for women. I can probably think of ten women I know who have had attacks and/or gallbladders removed, and not thinking of a single man... I've had attacks while dieting but never reported to doctor because I didn't want surgury. I had read in various "older" herbal books etc old-fashioned remedy type places that applying olive oil on outside of my tummy, like a lotion (maybe 1 -2 teas max) would absorb through the skin and help emulsify the gallstones. (skips digestive system so it doesn't count as fat calories.). Any of the "bitter" types of veggies and herbs do give me relief too - that would include radishes like the woman who ate radish juice (earlier in the comments).
  • I had my gall bladder out March 1st 2012. I am finding of course anything with fat in it gives me an upset stomach. Today I am going to buy some low fat cheese / cottage cheese and see if that helps any.

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