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Quick and Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Eat Right, Even When There's No Time


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  • I think I'm going to try the smoothie for breakfast and some grapes or granola on the side. It's a great start I think!
  • people that works nights and come home at 7 or 8 am like my husband will eat anything for breakfast like the casserole, pork chops, steak, rice,pasta, anything. Me? I can't eat none of that early in the morning
    Who on Earth eats a casserole for breakfast???? Far to weird for England.
  • So many of these ideas have bread or bread like products (waffles). Because of swallowing issues I cannot have bread or anything like bread. I manage to eat two breakfasts every day (a small one at 5:00 a.m. to get me going and a larger one at about 8:00 a.m. when I am hungry). I wish that the article had provided more suggestions on things with no bread type items.
  • SNORK1
    Hi.I am new to SparkPeople,I have wanted to lose a few pounds for a while,but have never been able to find the right program and support until now.Thanks to a story in Woman's World I found this program.I am getting married in 6mo.and I would like to fit into a smaller dress and look pretty in my wedding pictures.
    I like this article...but I notice a lot of these articles are very 'mumsy'...not everyone who eats healthy is necessarily a mum. I'm a 19 year old Briton and I certainly don't have kids yet! I like my Daily Spark emails though :-)
  • Just droppin in to say Hi to all, and wish everyone a wonderful day, and have a Deluxe time loosing all the weight you need to and to reach your goals...i have 80 pounds to loose, but i want to do it at 10lb. intervals...small goals reach large goals without being frustrated or drop back into being depressed....i'm excited & looking forward to seeing and feeling like the real me who is hidden right now from this extra weight, but i am a VietNam Vet., i am a colan cancer survivor, dies for 10 days on life support, and was in a coma for 28 days...i am a miracle to be here with you now.. Peace & Love to you all!!! Happy Loosing, and Happy enjoying the newest you!!!.

    There is nothing bad about egg yolks; they are the most nutritious part!

    "By throwing out the yolk and only eating egg whites, you're essentially throwing out the most nutrient dense, antioxidant-rich, vitamin and mineral loaded portion of the egg. The yolks contain so many B-vitamins, trace minerals, vitamin A, folate, choline, lutein, and other powerful nutrients... it's not even worth trying to list them all."

    ~ Mike Geary

    IIRC, we can't post links on SP so if you want to read the entire excellent article, just google it.
  • ANNA744
    Suggestion for non sugar lovers for breakfast;
    An Ideal filling savoury breakfast, non-canned cooked beans mixed with pinch of salt, squeeze of lemon, olive oil and mix them and dip to eat with some vegies aside like cucumber or tomatoes or carrots or lettuce or water cres.........ooooooh yum
    Never skip breakfast, soooooooo many yummy options.
  • I agree whole heartedly with the "shakers." I've been drinking one for breakfast for about 7 years now and know that they boost my energy level way above people half my age. Mine has a whey protein, stevia sweetened protein powder (now gluten free too), super greens, flax seed, greek yogurt and whatever fruit I'm in the mood for all blended with almond milk. Yum_my!! I mix about 4 servings at a time and just leave them in the blender. Don't forget to add a good probiotic. Mine has 24 billion live bacteria from 12 strains. Perfect digestive health.
  • What is wrong with egg yolk...I thought it is loaded with good fats.
    I hate eating an white omelet.
    Scrambled egg on whole wheat toast is perfect beakfast.
  • SBA917
    Mostly great suggestions. I do not agree with the bagel w/ peanut butter. A regular bagel is not a complex carbohydrate... 45 grams total virtually o grams fiber, very high glycemic uptake. My favorite breakfast is an Egg Beater scramble w/ feta cheese wrapped in a low carb tortilla.
    My best go-to breakfast.... Slightly thaw 1 1/2 cups of mixed frozen berries (110cal + 5g fiber) ....dump on a Yoplait Yogurt (35cal fat free/sugar free) + mix in 2 tbsp of raw chia seeds (65cal + 9g fiber) add some stevia if the berries are a bit tart and that's breakfast!!! I do this one nearly every morning. love it!!!
  • I saw somewhere on SparkPeople a recipe for the 1-minute breakfast sandwich. Crack an egg into one of those snack sized glad containers (sprayed with vegetable oil spray first!), mix it with a fork, add some salt and pepper, and pop into the microwave for 45 seconds. Put an english muffin in the toaster, and when it's done, just pop the egg out of the bowl and onto the muffin (it's the perfect size), top with a slice of ultra-thin (45 calorie) cheddar cheese, and go! The recipe also called for some sort of meat, but I'm a vegetarian. All in all, a 215 calorie breakfast!
  • I'm also a protein person. Peanut butter or the Mini Babybel light cheeses are good. I did have to laugh about fixing waffles on a Sunday morning. Sorry, I'm out the door by 7:30 heading for church and two services.

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