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How to Measure for Exercise Intensity without a Heart Rate Monitor

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  • Thanks!!! I can pick it up a little
  • Thank you!

    I bought a fitbit2 over Thanksgiving but have yet to use it. I have been debating if I really need it. I can use my phone to tracker the miles I walk outdoors so it's only for heart rate and calories. I'm hesitant to track calories burned with a HRM again because then the workouts I enjoy become nothing but a means to an end. And tracking heart rate wasn't good for me in the past because some days I just tire more easily than others but my polar HRMs in past never took that into account. I want exercise to be natural and something I look forward to doing. If I'm using the FitBit2 then it's mostly or only a means to my weight loss goals. I want my health, happiness, and lifestyle to improve greatly with weight loss being the wonderful benefit of living healthfully. Thank you for this information!
  • This was a good reminder when I am working out
  • Great article, Thanks!
  • Be an inspiration to those around you by making the most of each day.
  • This is an interesting article. Thanks so much!!
  • Subce I have shortness of breath after a few yards of plain walking, not a good test of intensity!
  • Thanks for sharing.
  • This is a yes and no for me. There are brief periods during my HIIT cardio I can't talk at all. I do wear a heart rate monitor so that I don't go over 95% of my mhr. These periods are only 60 to 90 seconds where I really push it, challenging yourself is how you get fitter. Since starting HIIT 3x a week my resting heart rate has dropped 20 points, my blood pressure is also in it's low normal range. My Doctor is happy.
  • The "Talk Test" is good for me since I am on a beta blocker which slows down my heart rate.
  • This never made sense to me. I can "talk comfortably" when I'm strolling at 1 mile per hour and I'm not getting any kind of intensity at that point. Shoot, I can talk comfortably standing still! I agree, learn how to take your pulse or get a heart monitor or both.
  • I learned how to keep up with my heart rate while I was in middle school but I believe the "Talk Test" will be easier for me to do with two toddlers in the house. I want to be able to work-out without worrying about over working my body. My children takes so much of my energy that it is hard for me to do all the exercises in the time I was allowing myself.
  • I recently bought a heart rate monitor (HRM) to gauge the intensity of my workouts but found that the talk test is still a far more reliable indicator of how hard I'm working out. The HRM will tell me my heart rate is near resting when I KNOW I am working hard and then say it's high when I've already brought down the intensity. Yes, there's a bit of a delay in the sensor but it's not entirely that.

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