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Mastering the Mysteries of Motivation - Part 2

Building & Maintaining Motivation


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This is great information! I needed to hear this. Report
Do what you can! Report
Do what you can! Report
Another great article. We are responsible for our choices, sometimes they further our goals, sometimes not so much. That's okay. As long as we have more of the former than of the latter, we'll be okay. Report
Great articles (1&2) both gave me insight into my struggles with motivation and tools useful for rewriting my life story. Thanks! Report
These are very meaningful articles for me.
I really appreciate the quality and accuracy of the information found in SP articles. Report
These two articles are exactly what I needed right now. Thank you! AJ Report
Thanks for sharing this article, It helped me a lot. Report
I tried to save it but it wouldn't let me. Great article. Report
"History is not Destiny"

This was liberating phrase for me to read today, because it goes further than just weight loss. It's going to help me change how I see myself.

Thank you for this article. Report
OK- This article really spoke to me, uh, except maybe the part about having to consider
yourself "NORMAL". not, and I like that - what is normal after all? Conforming???
WON'T DO IT! But I will continue to spread the SPARK and love this community! Report
just what I needed! it's official. I have now set an ongoing event in my calendar to read one motivational article every night at eight. This is the time I start to feel, who knows what, but it inevitably ends with my eating all the wrong things. Well, no more! I am proud that I have lost twenty pounds. instead of beating myself up for not being able to loose the last fifteen, I'm going to congratulate myself for having kept it off for three years! I will get there! Not beating myself up is good for starters! Report
"Change Your Story, Change Your Results
Motivation is not something you find or lose, have or don't have. It is the product of how you see yourself in the world: active or passive, effective or ineffective, powerful or victimized, normal or pathological. If you want to be able to motivate yourself, you need to begin seeing yourself as active, effective, powerful, and normal."

I think these are perhaps the most important words in both Motivation articles. *Change your personal story*! Report
I don't want to be normal. I want to be exceptional! Does that put me in the perfectionist category? I don't think so because, in my book, even exceptional people occationally stray from the ideal path, but then we get back! Report
You are, my friend, a genius! You have so perfectly nailed down not only the definition of motivation, but also the process of self talk and the source of feelings of powerlessness. I was vicitimized and bullied as a child, suffered severe depression several times in my life, and am now fighting habits that are affecting my weight and health. You have peeled my emotional onion, so to speak, with your words. THANK YOU! Report

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