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Mastering the Mysteries of Motivation

Understanding Motivation


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Motivation, goals, and be stubborn. Report
Motivation comes when your goal is higher than self. Report
lots of good information Report
Good article Report
This article is just what I needed to read today. Thanks! Report
Thank you! Now I've got to apply the information. Report
thank you Report
Helpful thoughts! Report
Just the information I needed! I can, and will, use this information for many things. Thank you! Report
I find myself trying to be perfect all the time, and when I'm not I don't want to continue but I do. A gluten for punishment I guess. Report
That's me...I need a break from perfectionism. Report
I have great motivation...but my starter seems to be faulty on some days. It might take the full day to get moving on a project or idea, but once I start, it is difficult to stop me.

Think high-performance race car. I have the power to win, but I have to get the vehicle started first. Once it starts, I kick in the power and overtake the obstacles and win the race. If would be so much easier if I could just get started when the race starts rather than having to work twice and hard/fast to catch up and finish. Report
Nice article. Report
Control is about choices and vice-versa. Figuring it all out in balance is the hard part. Report

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