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Dorm Room Workouts

The Freshman 15 is an Elective, Not a Requirement


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  • Sure wish I had these tips when I was in college. Not a total loss, I will pass them on to my grandchildren.
  • These ideas work very well in any small space. Thanks!
  • My daughter is a freshman in college. She lives on campus and her full time enrollment includes a membership to the gym on campus. She takes full advantage of the treadmill and eliptical machines to burn off stress and get some exercise. She also walks everywhere on campus. When she comes home on weekends she likes to run. I didn't worry about her gaining the Freshman 15 because she was active before she went to college. If anything, I think she's slimmed down a little. :)
    When I attended the Arkansas Tech University anyone could sign up for their gym for a fee of $10 per semester. This was a state of the art gym and Olympic size pool. I imagine many other universities offer similar options. Also everyone mostly walked across campus (a very large campus) since parking options was greatly restricted.
  • I am living in a small apartment, these are great, except that the downstairs neighbor is a noise fascist! I cannot walk let alone try any activity without a knock at the door and a disturbing discussion about quiet hours. Are there any cardio activities that are quiet or am I doomed to have to go outside for this?
  • ANIMATOR606432
    Jumping rope is the choose at my dorm currently. It's not HUGE but it's big enough to where I can jump rope with a decent amount of space. The issue I have is eating. It's not that I even eat to much, it's that I have to eat SO early that I end up hungry at strange hours in the night.
    Add that to the fact that i'm working out as well and i'm worried that I won't lose any weight. I don't snack very often, and I limited myself to the desert bar. Maybe i'll have 2 or three oatmeal cookies. Sometimes I pig out eating lactose free soft served ice cream and cake.
  • Great article. My college years was the bomb. I didn't start putting on weight until I got married and had children.
  • I actually took gym classes in college (something I swore I'd never do when I left high school). I did fencing and self defense. We had a great gym and it was pretty far from my dorm so it was good exercise just getting there.

  • Although I am very far from my college years, I plan on taking from this when I am traveling this summer!
  • I was probably my most fit ever when I was in college. The gym we had was state of the art, and my friends and I went every other day or more. There really is no excuse when you are in college, especially with a gym available to you. My dream is to have that available to me now! But alas, I am doing home workouts instead (which are working good too).
  • Now how much of that weight is from actually eating rather than all the calories taken in by the binge drinking that college is also notorious for...?
  • When I was in college, I actually lost 15-20lbs during my freshman and sophomore years. The school had a free gym that was within walking distance and fresh fruit in the dining hall. It wasn't until I got married at the end of my junior year that I started gaining my weight back.

    I sure do miss that gym! If you're lucky enough to go to a school that has free gym access for students, you should definitely take advantage. I usually went in the morning, after the athletic teams were finished and before the rest of the students were even up yet!
  • Most colleges have gyms that are free for students to use. They also offer fitness classes for free or little charge. I was pretty good about working out in college. The problem for me wasn't until after college.
  • This article was awesome. Anyone with the Freshman 15+ can appreciate that. SparkPeople has been amazing with helping me drop that Freshman 15!!!

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