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Easy Ways to Cut Sodium Intake

Improve Your Health by Reducing Your Salt Intake


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I can't believe that pretzels have that much soduim... wow. I will now, for sure, buy the unsalted ones (at Bulk Barn they have them - in Canada - you must have a store with them in the USofA!)

Cheers Report
It is quite easy to make one's own chicken or beef stock. However, when I am in a hurry, I use Herb Ox brand sodium free bouillon - comes in packets in a box. Yellow and Red for beef, Yellow and Green for Chicken. Even the stock you make will have some sodium, from the meat bones and veggies, but if you really need to reduce sodium intake, it is a valid trade off. Do not add salt or msg to your home made stock. the recipe calculator will help you figure the amount of naturally occuring sodium in this or any recipe. BTW, if you use and canned, boxed or packaged frozen fruits or veggies, be sure to add in the sodium in the product. Report
Sodium is needed to make stomach acid, but use the good ones (himalaya or celtic seasalt) and not the processed stuff. I resently put more salf in my diet and its working wonders for me. I have acid reflux and heartburn and found out that this is due to to little stomach acid and not to much. I was able to quit taking my omeprazol. Report
We have cut way back on sodium because my son is taking steroids and has a water-retention problem, adding "lowered sodioum" (potassium chloride) salt if at all cooking and at the table, and food at restaurants or at the homes of others now tastes too salty to all of us! Our main problem is yellow cheeses, which our son loves. We allow smaller amounts of swiss-style, which has the lowest sodium content of our local cheeses. Unfortunately the no-salt-added white dry curd cheeses do not melt, so they are no good in casseroles or quiches. Report
I realise that sodium intake is an important thing to track for a lot of people, but I wish people would stop commenting on my own salt intake. I have low blood pressure - if I cut out sodium and caffeine I'd be fainting every time I tried to get up from a chair.... Report
I have Menieres disease and have a sodium intake of between 400 and 1000 mg per day which is not easy but possible. I find I just don't eat any processed foods at all because even the reduced or low ones are higher than I can have. I never have less than 10 portions of fruit and veg as it's natural sodium and low and always drink way more water than 8 glasses as it helps balance my water level. The good news is after 7 years of Menieres it finally seems under control and the only meds I take are Serc 16 three times a day.

The only thing i really miss is bacon and a big juicy gammon steak with loads on salted chips(fries as I'm from England)..................but I've not had an attack in many months so it's worth it as it makes me so very ill for days when I do x Report
lots of bananas....thats the only way i seem to get the potassium up without effecting the sodium too much Report
What I found interesting is that I discovered elsewhere that adults not only probably ingest too much sodium we don't get enough POTASSIUM which aggravates the problem. Also I found looking at a supermarket in Canada that the "no -name" (literally) brand of soy sauce had the least sodium in it even apparently less than the low sodium name brand (I would name it but I can't remember it was 3 wks ago). Report
This is great for the opposite reason. My DD has very low blood pressure and it does not help that I tend towards low salt items. I've sent her this link as she needs to increase her salt intake. Report
Good article! I've eaten/cooked in a low-sodium/low-fat/lower sugar way for years. To be honest, it took about 3 weeks to get used to the low-salt foods but now anything that is prepared in a "regular" way has a salty taste to me. It is easier to control the sodium if you prepare your own food, but there are many ways to lower sodium even if you don't cook much. Outside of the "salty" snacks, etc. the worst offenders seem to be canned foods, frozen dinners, soups, prepared sauces and condiments. Rinse the canned foods in water to remove excess sodium. Use either fresh or frozen veggies and fruits, but beware of those that include a sauce--use the plain frozen items and prepare your own sauce; it only takes a few minutes. Cut down the salt in any recipe to 1/2 to 1/4 of what the recipe calls for and add a bit more of the spices/herbs used in the recipe. You can find sodium-free broth, tomato sauce, etc. if you look for it and once you find it, you'll know where to go next time you need it. Be cautious of foods that say "lower sodium," "30% less sodium," etc.on the label because this does not necessarily mean it is low in sodium, just that there is less sodium than their original product--it may still be high in sodium (like one person commented: it just means that there is 2X the amount of sodium rather than 4X the amount!) LEARN TO READ LABELS. Keep the salt shaker off the table; it's too easy to grab it and salt a plate full of food if it's sitting in front of you. Lowering you salt/sodium intake is one of the best things you can do for your health AND for losing and maintaining a weight loss.
One can easily find "lightly salted" nuts--however, why can't we find the light or no salt snacks like chips and pretzels?! I used to find "no salt added" pretzels at a Winn Dixie store. This store closed, and now I cannot find this product. I happen to dislike the taste of the highly salted chips and pretzels, not even considering the health aspect. All the salted potato chips, nacho chips, pretzels, are waaay over salted for my liking. How I wish there were "light salt" varieties. Please, food companies, hear this request!!!! Report
Because I'm a diabetic, I have to CLOSELY MONITOR my sodium intake. And although I DON'T add salt to any of the foods I eat, EVERYTHING (even non-fat milk) has sodium. I'm supposed to allow myself 2,400 milligrams of sodium a day. It's very seldom, I am UNDER that number. Report
I have read that MOST (not all) people get only about 13 to 15 percent of their daily sodium from salt added at the table. The rest of it is from the foods we eat.... I never learned to cook with salt so find foods cooked that way tastes way too salty to me. Report
If a recipe calls for salt, I leave it out. Report
Reducing salt intake is probably the hardest thing you will attempt.. everything you purchase is loaded with it.."reduced salt" just means there only 2x times the amount you need instead of 4x..
Cooking everything from fresh is the only real way.. and most of us don't have all day to stay in the kitchen... Report

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