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Easy Ways to Cut Sodium Intake

Improve Your Health by Reducing Your Salt Intake


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I have used garlic instead of salt. Is this the same as or worse.
I do monitor the shaker. Report
I agree, reading labels on packaged food products is one way to cut sodium intake.
I do not purchase processed deli meats unless sodium is less than 8%. Most food
products I purchase are 5% sodium or less.
There are many low salt food products out there:
Unsalted tops premium crackers (Nabisco, Stop Shop)
Low salt ketchup (Heinz), no salt added tomato sauce (add herbs flavor)
Soy (Veggie brand) are usually low in salt
Special K cereal (Kellogg's)
Instant powdered non fat milk
Applesauce, peach sauce, blueberry sauce (Mott's Harvest Blends)
Smart Balance Omega 3 margarine spread only 4% sodium! Report
I never really looked at sodium because I was always looking at fat and calories. What an eye opener!!! Report
I've really enjoyed reading everyone's comments. Recently I read that another way to cut down on sodium in soups is to add more fresh vegtables. Although I'm not sure how to check if it's true since the sodium is calculated on the base food and not on the total foods eaten. I'm still going to give it a try. Report
Great article Report
I don't have table salt on my table but some of my favorite foods have high sodium content. I love sauerkraut, dill pickles, ketchup, white bread and Italian dressing. If I eat all these in 1 day, I ' ll be in big trouble. Report
I use No-Salt instead of regular salt. Report
It helps to drink a lot of water and a glass of iced tea with lemon. If I am eating out I know I need to wash you the sodium. Of course breaking a good sweat helps too! Report
My doctor wants me to keep my sodium to 1,500/day. I always read labels and it still shocks me how much salt is in canned foods (soup, etc....)
It really helps to prepare your own food because then you're in control of what goes in it.

If a recipe calls for vegetable bouillon, I use "Rapunzel vegetable bouillon, no salt added".

I found this article very helpful - Thanks! Report
This is a good article! I found the best way to eliminate excess salt or to completely control your salt intake is to stop using prepared foods period. We at our house cook from scratch, fresh veggies, fresh fruits, unprocessed meats right on down the line. We eat no prepared grain products like pastas, noodles, etc and very limited whole grain only breads. Cooking this way eliminates or at least controls all the salt you put in your diet. We only use unprocessed sea salts (not the processed so called sea salts but the mined ones). We home can some veggies and fruits but we know just how much salt is in a quart of green beans or a oint of applesauce. Some do not have or take the time to prepare meals like this but it is well worth your efforts to find the time! My B/P dropped for 165/110 to 100/60 over the past year we have been doing this. The high reading was with me on B/P meds and the low one is without any medication for B/P. Report
The real scary part for anyone trying to lower their salt intake is how pervasive it is -it's in almost everything. Report
good info! Report
You known this had a great impact on me, i learned that some of the things that I like have high sodium and it really will help me to curb some of the insight on these things. Report
I had no idea that persons with low blood pressure need to consume more salt. I guess my hubby whom we jokingly say has no blood pressure really is not overdoing it in the salt department then. Great forum! Report
Sure, sodium raises your blood pressure temporarily, and if you always consume a lot of sodium your blood pressure will always be high. But the bottom line is not your blood pressure but how much longer you can expect to live. A recent study found that longevity is greatest for people who consume 3000 to 6000 mg of sodium a day, way more than current recommendations. That's one study, and any one study could be wrong, but I'm keeping an open mind. Report

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