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Easy Ways to Cut Sodium Intake

Improve Your Health by Reducing Your Salt Intake


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  • everything thats bad for you taste soo good.
    We limit our intake, but are not crazy over doing it, no salt at the dining table. But we dislike the taste of herbs and many spices, I don't care how supposedly "good" they are, they don't taste good to us at all. So worry about other things in life.
    Made the commitment to not use salt - two weeks now and keeping the faith.
  • I don't even have salt in my cupboard, I use lots of spices and herbs instead but even so, my sodium intake tends to be on the higher side. The main problem for me is processed food. I'm a vegetarian and I hate cooking, so I often prepare heat-amd-serve precooked stuff like soy burgers and similar things. Which are, I'm finding out, quite high in sodium. It's not a real health problem for me since I have low pressure, nevertheless it's one of the problems sabotaging my diet. Thanks for the article, definitely an eye -opener!
  • I use almost exclusively whole foods, never add salt to anything, and I go over my sodium intake at least six days a week.
  • I rarely go over in sodium because a doctor taught me 30 years ago how to control it. I have cooked with a lot of herbs for years. Recently I discovered the flavor of unsalted butter is actually better than salted. (My husband accidentally picked up a 4-pack of unsalted and two of my adult kids told me they use it most of the time because they like it.)
  • Sodium intake continues to be a challenge for me while dining out. The sodium in restaurant food is truly shocking! Food prepared at home is not the challenge. I am a label reader and have set many an item back on the shelf because of its sodium content. History of hypertension in the family. Something I need to watch.
    I am surprised that I am always over on my sodium levels. I DO use fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables.I did have a homemade soup today. Is the computer just judging that I automatically had so much sodium?
  • That list is a real eye opener and rather scary! What a bummer!
    I've been struggling with swelling in my feet for about a year. It's driving me crazy.
  • I was surprised reading that chart. Never realized baking soda was high salt content, even several times more than saltine crackers. Thanks for the information in that chart.

    There are some things I have eaten lately that I never thought of checking the salt content of, like turkey sausage. My feet and ankles really swell up when I eat that. I don't eat it real often, but I do get a craving for it once in a while and it is quick to fix when I don't have anything thawed.
  • Reducing sodium can be a challenge. Configure Sodium into intake summary for daily diet tracker. This is how I first learned from experience which
    foods I was eating added to my daily salt total. Outcome I discarded the salt shaker.
    Now I keep pepper and a dried herb mix near where I cook for flavorings.

    Another useful tool is preparing grocery shopping list at the store website, for example for Stop and Shop. Here you can configure an icon that will indicate low sodium foods right alongside high level sodium foods. Pretty soon I learned which favorite food items were available as low in salt: Ketchup, tomato sauce (no salt added), deli meats, etc.
    I also have had negative effects from reducing sodium. I get nauseated and have a headache until I eat something salty. I have never had an issue with high blood pressure (although I have had low blood pressure, which is not improved by increased salt intake). Although my sodium is tracked, I don't worry about it.
    I agree with the comments below about the dangers of low salt intake.

    The body generally knows what it needs. If food is made at home with sea salt and you crave more salt, you generally need more in your diet. You also need more salt and potassium when you are sweating heavily to keep your electrolytes at the appropriate level. Eating no-salt on a hot day will literally kill you or give you are heart attack. If you drink a bit of salt water and you can't taste the salt, you need more salt to keep your electrolytes up.

    I also have low blood pressure and low stomach acid. If I ate as little salt as is recommended here I would be very ill (and have been in the past from trying to be "healthy").

    This comment doesn't apply to the insane amounts of iodized salt in processed foods. Somehow they managed to add astronomical amounts of sodium without you tasting it in the product. Because of this, I am a big supporter of cooking from scratch.

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