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The Hunt for Hidden Sugar

How Much of the Sweet Stuff is Hiding Your Foods?


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  • RIVKAH12
    Good article and an eye opener.
  • JASMINE1704
    Very good article. I am really glad I joined this challenge.
  • CRYSTAL417
    Good article. Thanks
  • Informative article. Every time I read something about the amount of hidden sugars in foods I get turned off to food in general. I just want to eat nuts and seeds right now.
  • just found this if anyone is interested.
    61 Names for Sugar

    Agave nectar
    Barbados sugar
    Barley malt
    Barley malt syrup
    Beet sugar
    Brown sugar
    Buttered syrup
    Cane juice
    Cane juice crystals
    Cane sugar
    Carob syrup
    Castor sugar
    Coconut palm sugar
    Coconut sugar
    Confectioner's sugar
    Corn sweetener
    Corn syrup
    Corn syrup solids
    Date sugar
    Dehydrated cane juice
    Demerara sugar
    Evaporated cane juice
    Free-flowing brown sugars
    Fruit juice
    Fruit juice concentrate
    Glucose solids
    Golden sugar
    Golden syrup
    Grape sugar
    HFCS (High-Fructose Corn Syrup)
    Icing sugar
    Invert sugar
    Malt syrup
    Maple syrup
    Palm sugar
    Powdered sugar
    Raw sugar
    Refiner's syrup
    Rice syrup
    Sorghum Syrup
    Sugar (granulated)
    Sweet Sorghum
    Turbinado sugar
    Yellow sugar

    found this list at

    and I just saw the post from JRSTERN29 with a link to an article too! "I couldn't follow the link to the paper on the website, but with a little digging I found this article:
    s/ency/article/002444.htm - 6/17/2016 10:01:20 AM"
  • the link in the article still does not take us to that information. Will have to do a search for more information via google.
  • I am not big on jams, jellies or preserves but every once in a while (on that rare occasion) I would like a little bit (then the rest of the jar just sits in the refrigerator for months untouched - lol) so I don't get it at all. It would be nice if they didn't add sugars to so many products out there.
  • Very good article I am glad that I read it.
  • I have pretty much tried to go sugar free for a while, since my husband went low carb and we tried the sf thing for an ADHD treatment plan, too. I eat a little sugar, but not a major thing. The amount per day is helpful to see, though. The Spark recipes help a lot and there are a lot of options for alternatives that are still healthy.
  • Hidden sugars are a killer for sure since they trigger my appetite. I liked the list with hidden sugars supplied. I try NOT to eat those things often. Where I have my downfall is with non-fat yogurt. No fat but so much sugar. No wonder I love it. Thanks for a very good article.
  • The link is still broken
  • This was was informative article; now I understand about "sugar" in milk! That was always puzzling.
  • helpful resource link is broken
  • I was told when I clicked on the link that I didn't have permission to view that. Otherwise, great article!

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