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The Hunt for Hidden Sugar

How Much of the Sweet Stuff is Hiding Your Foods?


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  • Good information
  • Very informative article. Thanks so much!
  • I do most baking because I am intolerant to gluten and dairy, not just lactose. For 1 cup of sugar I use 1/2 cup stevia and 1/4 cup real sugar, I try to use some dark brown sugar to add more flavor and it has molasses in it. If you do not use some sugar it confuses the body and the food turns to fat. With a small amount it is used as energy, so for sugarless chocolate etc. it is best to have after a meal to help your body work properly. I bought some store brand gatorade that has 50 calories in 16 oz size. It has 1/3 the sugar and stevia in it. Dr advised me to use it when I exercise as electrolytes are low and when you get dehydrated your body needs sugar, salt, water, potassium, this is what they use in the poor country's and add to their water for dehydration. I also replace the fat with 1/2 applesauce and recalculate the recipe and keep it online.
  • this article was very informative. I am attacking the sugar consumption I see I have had and seeing where the hidden sugars will help a lot in being successful. I like the article on using honey in place of sugar
  • Reading labels for sugar content can be very eye opening!
  • Good information
  • I have intolerance to gluten,dairy,pork & high acid foods and also digestive problems when I have too much sugar. I do home baking & to replace 1 cup sugar I use 1/2 cup stevia and 1/4 cup sugar, so it is less sweet. If you do not use some sugar in food that normally has added sugar it confuses the body as it looks for the sugar and will turn the food without sugar into fat. This is why people gain fat when they cut out sugar completely. I made a pie with a gluten free crust and this is what I did in the recipe. I do buy no fat sugar free yogurt at 35 calories per.1/2 cup. In Canada most low fat foods do not have added sugar. I understand the U.S.A they replace one with the other and add more sugar. Also all name brand store shelve foods here are less nutritious then the store brands. To improve taste they add extra salt,sugar,fat etc. to make people think it is better and sell more this way. I buy mostly store brands,all stores here have a blue label on every healthy shelve product no matter what brand it is. It makes it easy to spot on the shelves no matter the brand.The brand names I like are Heinz ketchup & French's mustard.
  • thanks for sharing

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