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The Hunt for Hidden Sugar

How Much of the Sweet Stuff is Hiding Your Foods?


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The take away is that you have to be aware of labels and realize that there IS hidden sugar in foods and be aware of what you're reading on your nutrition label! Report
Not sure how old is this article but the newest US Nutritional Facts label will have added sugars included. This will be required by July 26th. Report
Watch out for sugar alcohols. Report
This Is a real Eye opener! I had no idea! Report
thank you Report
Good article. Report
Absolutely. Hidden sugar and commercial manufacturing foods, ucky. Report
Grocery shopping is not fun when I have to look at the fine print for sugar contents. We need more products with way, way less added sugar. It is not the "sweets" foods that are the death of me, because I understand what I am buying so can moderate these. It is the "regular" stuff that needs far, far less sugar. I have to buy special peanut butter, yogurt,.... etc . etc. Report
We have so much overweight in this nation because the food companies are addicting us with sugar bombardment from the time of birth, not like before. Report
Ugh, just ate 1/2 cup of Chobani Greek Yogurt (vanilla) and THEN read the label for sugar content. It would have been 20 grams for the full serving! Thankfully, I had a HALF serving. lol.

It pretty much stinks, that sugar is EVERYwhere! Report
I need to try harder to give up too much sugar Report
Sticking to single-ingredient whole foods makes it easy to avoid hidden sugar. Report
Reading labels is a favorite of mine. Report
Sneaky sugar! Report
There is a LOT of sugar out there, be careful! Report

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