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Focus on Power Foods

Pack Your Lunch with Punch


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  • This is nice. I copied the bottom portion so that I can refer to it often. This is exactly what I was looking for, and I'm going to share it with my Spark co-worker.
  • Nice concise article. I was looking for something to share with parents of my daughter's volleyball team so we can put together healthy lunches and snacks to keep the energy level up. I think I found the perfect list!
  • This is a great list of foods. I keep a lot of them on hand. I'm on the road a lot so keep little bags of almonds or fruit cut up. That way I don't stop at the gas stations or fast food.
  • This is a good list - certainly good for me, as I tend to forget about fruit other than apples, oranges and bananas. On the other hand, I never see barley on these kinds of lists, and it's got great fiber and lower calories than brown rice!
  • SATISH10
    i am organic grower of some of cerials&vegetables. they are great.your article gives indepth information.
  • Great list!! This is a kind of list that I like to take with me to the grocery store, so I can focus on good nutrition!
  • So cool! I was eating some of these already!! Great article.
    I'm so glad the list contained beans. I think beans are one of the most important foods you can add to your diet. They are low in calories and fat and high in fiber and protein. The will definitely keep you feeling full.

    I was disappointed to see chicken on the list. It may be low in calories, but it has more cholesterol than beef. There is nothing powerful about a heart attack.
  • This is a good article for me, It seems I am always feeling hungry because I have dieted wrong..good to know the foods that make you feel full longer and are GOOD for you.

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