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Healthy Beverage Guidelines

Drink Up, But Drink the Right Stuff


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  • I try to drink 2 glasses of water while I'm preparing breakfast, morning snack and lunch. Then I drink 1 glass before afternoon snack and supper. That puts my total at 8 glasses of water. I put it in a short 8 ounce glass because I find that if I see a huge glass or cup of water (32 or 64 ounce) it just looks overwhelming and I give up. Drinking the water before eating helps me keep to reasonable portions because my stomach is not totally empty when I start and I don't have to worry about confusing hunger with thirst.

    I drink 2 cups of coffee after my breakfast water. I drink additional water when I workout but don't measure or count it. I do drink 2 diet sodas a week. One on grocery day (it's my treat in the checkout instead of a snickers bar which is what I was doing last year) and the other is my once a week dinner at a restaurant. I order both a diet soda and a water. After I drink one soda I only have the water refilled. I tried to go cold turkey with the diet soda because I want to be healthy and be a good example for my kids but just not ready yet!

    In the winter I drink decaf green tea at night. I find I don't really crave juices unless I have a cold and then a little OJ seems very comforting.
  • This article is worth while reading too, with a lot of details. Cool, Clear hopefully pur Water is all that I really need and require. I could enjoy the fruit juices,personally for me; they contain to much sugar, @least 30 grs. and must be diluted with water
  • I am still a little confused. The only real time I can drink "pure water" is when I am working out and need it to survive in a sense. So, I drink flavored water that has no calorie intake and has Splenda as a sweetener whenever I am thristy as I have been trying to not drink diet soda anymore. I usually will drink diet soda or regular soda when I am craving it and try to limit it to one 8oz cup that day..but I don't drink it all the time. I count my flavored water as my water intake, b/c it doesn't have any calories. I was hoping the article would specifically mention 'flavored water', but it did not.
  • I still don't get if I can include my regular tea in my daily 8 cup count or not. In gardening season, I have no problem with the water at all. Here in the winter, that much water makes me feel sick & sloshy.
  • What about herbal tea, which contains no caffeine whatsoever, and which you don't sweeten? Because you don't mention that at all, and there are health benefits to drinking herbal teas.
  • This article makes no sense to me. If I am allowed only 200 calories per day from drinks and automatically use up 180 of them for my two glasses of skim milk, what am I doing so bad by having my cup of V-8 juice in the morning and my half-cup of orange juice for lunch? I really don't understand why those are such evil habits--I am losing weight just fine and have good health and a strong immune system and from everything else I've read, I have my daily milk, V-8, and OJ to thank for that. Your numbers just don't add up.
  • Whole milk = meal substitute when I'm too busy or lazy.
  • If you just don't care for the taste of water, you might try a few different brands of bottled water and see if that makes a difference for you. There can be quite a variance in flavor. (I LOVE Fiji -- it's the best!)

    But if, like myself, you are trying to budget, buying bottled water adds up to big $$ pretty quickly. So, I've taken to adding just a splash of diet cranberry juice (you can use any kind you like) to my reusable bottle, and filling the rest with water. I can't stand the taste of our tap water alone, but the juice really makes it palatable.
  • It seems odd to me that whole and 2% milk, which contain protein, calcium, and a host of vitamins are not recommended at all, even sparingly, but "caloric, sweetened beverages without nutritional benefit" like sodas are ok to drink daily. That seems backwards, despite the slightly higher caloric content of whole and 2% milk...
  • Can someone answer a question for me? I used to be hooked on diet coke; however, I have cut back to about one or two 12 ounce cans a day (compared to 8 - 10 a day). I have never liked nor been able to drink plain water, as there is no flavor to it and I like flavored drinks. Thus, to get me to drink water, I have started purchasing the Crystal Light artificial flavor drink packets that are about 5 calories per serving, as well as the Sugar Free Hawaiian Punch drink packets. Both of these items recommend that you combine the packet with a 16.9 fl oz bottle of water; however, I combine them with either a 24 oz or 32 oz water bottle. Is this ok for me or is this hindering me? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
    I start the day with a mug of hot water with fresh lemon in it.

    I try to keep off coffee and drink green tea.

    Try to increase my water intake but find it hard.
    Take a bottle of water to bed with me, but dont always drink it.
    All suggestions gratefully received.
    Love Susie Dixon in the UK
  • I am confused.... I believe I am retaining fluids(will see Dr. in 2 weeks) should I still be drinkin 96 oz of water a day??
  • VANHORN442000
    I'm 21 years old and have probably never had more than 5 full glasses of water in my life! I can not stand to drink it because I honestly am a soda-aholic and feel that water is so bland compared to what I am used to. I don't drink coffee or tea so I'm okay in that area but the soda is insane! What can I do to try and ease off of it?
  • I like putting True Lemon in my water once in awhile during the day the rest can be just water no favor....
    This helps ALOT. There are times that I'm drinking so much water that I feel a wee sick to my stomach. I've found that just drinking something else between my water helps. Now I know that I can count some of these liquids as well.

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