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Healthy Beverage Guidelines

Drink Up, But Drink the Right Stuff


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I liked this article. Never drank soda until diet soda came around and still don't drink much well, because I'm "cheap" and water is cheaper even when you buy seltzer. I'm also addicted to caffeine so coffee is a lot of my fluid intake and yes, I know it also dehydrates but I generally stop drinking it by noon and begin to sip water. I just don't like water ... and that includes flavored water. Report
I drink mostly tea and water. Unless tea leaves have calories that I don't know about, then I'm doing pretty good, because I know that other than that, it's just water. I brew it by the gallon and almost always have some in my fridge. I used to drink sweetened tea, but I've been fasting from sugary drinks and unhealthy snacks (with rare exceptions) since last May, so I got used to it plain.

I have to disagree about the artificially sweetened drinks. After years of drinking Diet Coke, I realized that I had aspartame poisoning. My brain was shot; I was like a dementia patient. I thought that I was going to end up in a nursing home in my 20s, but, being desperate, I used what little brain power I had left to research memory loss. I kept coming up with articles saying that aspartame could cause it. I figured that I could do an experiment and see if it helped, and within a weekend, my memory started to improve. So I avoid it like the plague and have my kids do so as well.

I also question the wisdom of 1% milk being better than whole milk. People are way too afraid of fat. Fat is needed to make your cells and keep them healthy. Calories, of course, are important, but as long as you factor in the calories, they shouldn't be a problem. I don't know many people who guzzle down milk all day like people do soda anyway.

I look at the health of my grandparent's generation... they were thinner and healthier than most of us are today, so they must have been doing something right. My grandma was healthy and had a sharp memory for over 80 years. I figure that in many ways, if our habits mimicked theirs, we'd be better off. They didn't drink any (or at the very least, very little) soda, and most of their beverages would have been healthy. Report
I drink coffee, day and night, iced in summer , my dietitian says no magic in plain water. And not to worry about counting all those danged cups of water, for gosh sakes! So many women wind up in the ER because of forcing all those cups of water down, poor kidneys can't take it. Quit obsessing about water and pay attention to food calories. That's where the weight comes from. Report
I didn't think we were suppose to drink diet cokes, but that's one of the beverages they say is ok, on the beverage guideline, explain. Report
I didn't think we were suppose to drink diet cokes Report
I've been using unsweetened vanilla almond milk, instead of a dairy milk. It's only 30 calories per serving. Seems like a good alternative to me. Any opinions? Report
I tend to drink ALOT of un-sweetened hot tea, especially in the winter, its useually a cup of peppermint, a cup of another herbal tea, and also a cup green tea and/or black tea. Is this unhealthy? I just really enjoy tea :/ Report
When I first started SP I drank maybe 4 glasses of water and the rest were flavored water (using lemons or limes), soda or juice. Now I drink 98% water and 2% flavored water. I have nearly eliminated soda, I rarely drink it! Report
Most of my daily water consumption happens while I am at the gym. As a general rule , I usually drink 2 and 1/2 liters of water when I exercise . I try to stay away from most sweet drinks , and having problems digesting some dairy means I do not drink milk. I occasionally have tea as well . As far as artificial sweeteners go, I try to only use sucralose. I have tried stevia, but every time I use it , it throws my blood sugar out of whack , which is weird since I am not diabetic Report
Milk is NOT meant for the human body, so I'm glad this article suggests non dairy alternatives. There's a purpose for milk, and that is to nourish baby cows! Report
Considering whole milk has been shown to actually help prevent weight gain or obesity -
-milk-may-keep-us-lean - I don't know why Spark continues to push low fat or no fat milk. Just because it has less calories per serving doesn't make it better for weight, especially if the added satiation factor helps reduce overall calories consumed with it. Report
Interesting article - but it puts calories and fat as the paramount factor. I agree with earlier statements about artificially sweetened drinks and milk. Just because skim milk has fewer calories than whole milk does NOT make it a healthier choice for the body. The fat found in milk is required to help the body actually aborb the nutrients found in the beverage. And it has also found to be anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic.

And just because a diet coke has no calories should not make it approved. ever.

Food for thought. Report
100% Healthy Drinks!!!
Drink Only Healthy Report
The problem I have with some of these articles is that they assume the same principles work for everyone. I drink very little......two or three cups of coffee and one or two glasses of wine each day. If I have 40 ounces of fluid a day, that would be a lot for me. I actually feel better when I don't have much liquid of any kind. I'm losing weight like I want to, am healthy and feel good, and see no sense forcing water or other beverages down when I truly don't want them. Report
For those who enjoy milk, I've found that once you become accustomed to the taste, So Delicious (other brands available ) Coconut Milk is a tasty, low calorie (around 50 per cup, (depending on the specific one you choose) low fat, low sugar dairy free alternative. It comes in several flavors too. Sugar free vanilla is my favorite. Another great alternative to regular milk is Almond Milk which also comes in various flavors and sugar free options. I find these in the non refrigerated "healthy" section of the grocery store. I've also seen Almond Milk in the dairy case with other milks. Report

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