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Healthy Beverage Guidelines

Drink Up, But Drink the Right Stuff


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  • Great article I drink 10 glasses of water all other drinks are on top of This! Think I might be drinking too much?
    Good information
  • Long ago, I read an interview with President Reagan's allergist (Reagan was actually allergic to the animal hair used to stuff old chairs in the White House). He said that people with such allergies should aim more for ten 8-oz glasses per day because it takes a lot of fluid to generate all that mucus. But he also said that gel desserts, soups, and other beverages did count.

    In my own experience, if you're not eating enough for any reason, you really need to drink more water because a lot of water comes from our food. So people eating less for weight loss might need more. Depends on what they are eating, of course. There are also individual differences in fluid needs. The 8 glasses a day idea comes from some practical experience with averages and isn't absolute.

    The iPhone app iHydrate is a very convenient water tracker and in particular, you can tell it what type of beverage you are eating and it will subtract the likely solids content from the total, giving a more realistic water total for the day.
    Very informative.
  • I think these guidelines have changed drastically since 2006. Water is my beverage of choice but I drink 1-2 cups of coffee daily. I no longer drink soda of any kind and limit fruit juice as well.

    I do not drink the speciality coffees or juices at all. The amount of sugar in those drinks was a big factor in my decision to stop them as well as soda.
  • Hafe incareased water consumption and decreased coffee.
  • Good guidelines for fluid intake. I enjoy my coffee with other things to drink and usually much more than suggested.
  • I drink more coffee than water. Want to reverse that.
  • It's mildly bemusing how they say 0 - 1 servings per day of crap like soda, but say 0 servings at all for 2% milk. Milk is far more nutritional than straight up sugar and chemicals.
  • Have switched to all unsweetened almond milk and no soda, diet or otherwise. Diet soda has far rEach ing negative affects on health and should be avoided at all costs.
  • Questionable saying alcohol has benefits, those who do NOT drink, should NOT be encouraged to do so for some small benefit
  • Could Becky possibly review this in terms of the new recommendations that have been appearing .
  • I liked this article. Never drank soda until diet soda came around and still don't drink much well, because I'm "cheap" and water is cheaper even when you buy seltzer. I'm also addicted to caffeine so coffee is a lot of my fluid intake and yes, I know it also dehydrates but I generally stop drinking it by noon and begin to sip water. I just don't like water ... and that includes flavored water.
  • I drink mostly tea and water. Unless tea leaves have calories that I don't know about, then I'm doing pretty good, because I know that other than that, it's just water. I brew it by the gallon and almost always have some in my fridge. I used to drink sweetened tea, but I've been fasting from sugary drinks and unhealthy snacks (with rare exceptions) since last May, so I got used to it plain.

    I have to disagree about the artificially sweetened drinks. After years of drinking Diet Coke, I realized that I had aspartame poisoning. My brain was shot; I was like a dementia patient. I thought that I was going to end up in a nursing home in my 20s, but, being desperate, I used what little brain power I had left to research memory loss. I kept coming up with articles saying that aspartame could cause it. I figured that I could do an experiment and see if it helped, and within a weekend, my memory started to improve. So I avoid it like the plague and have my kids do so as well.

    I also question the wisdom of 1% milk being better than whole milk. People are way too afraid of fat. Fat is needed to make your cells and keep them healthy. Calories, of course, are important, but as long as you factor in the calories, they shouldn't be a problem. I don't know many people who guzzle down milk all day like people do soda anyway.

    I look at the health of my grandparent's generation... they were thinner and healthier than most of us are today, so they must have been doing something right. My grandma was healthy and had a sharp memory for over 80 years. I figure that in many ways, if our habits mimicked theirs, we'd be better off. They didn't drink any (or at the very least, very little) soda, and most of their beverages would have been healthy.

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