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Spark Your Way to a 10K

10K Training Programs


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Good plans. Report
2 good plans Report
thanks I am loosing my weight 5km Report
this will be my goal. Report
I wonder what other cardio things i can do at home on the off run/walk days. I dont have time to go to the gym to use the equipment and run also, I dont have the luxury of going to the gym 5 days a week, So if anyone can give me some ideas of workouts to do at home on the off days I would appreciate it. Report
It would be nice if there was a calendar walking program for the 10K like there is for the 5K (5K Your Way Walking Program) Report
I haven't walk/jogged in a while. I think I'll do the 5k training first and then do this program afterwards. I know I can do 3.1 miles, but 6.2 miles seems awfully intimidating. Report
I wish there were a 10K Training Challenge or group or program like there is here on SP for the 5K-your-way walks, walk/jogs, runs. I finally realized I hadn't gotten my 5K trophy and I've done several now, so I clicked the "Finished" button and got my trophy--now I am currently training for a 10K and would love it if I could get a trophy for that.

It's just, there are so many more experienced runners, I never get a trophy at the actual event... ;-) Report
To everyone asking for the 5K training program, please see the related content below the article (above comments). Thanks! Report
Not all of us want to or are able to run. How about a similar walking program for those "5K" charity events this fall? Report
MelissaB- I'd like to know about this as well. My orthopedist has recommended I not run any more due to a knee issue. I would love to see a 5 or 10K walking program. Report
Any chance of ever having a 10K walking program? I'm more interested in building my speed and endurance while walking. Just not a fan of jogging. Report
Wow! This is a great way to build up to running a 10K race. I definitely want to try this. Is there anyway that I can add this article to my favorites? Or perhaps bookmark it? Report
I was motivated by this article to sign up and run my first 10k (even though I didn't use any of these training programs). Thanks SP! Report
My virtual race comes up between June 3 - 9. I am looking forward to running the 3.1miles. I can do it Report

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