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De-Stress in 3 Minutes or Less

Stop Emotional Eating Before It Starts


  • This article is just what I've needed. I currenlty live with someone who doesn't practice the same eating habits as me. I use to over eat with this person, but decided that my weight gain wouldn't go away until I cut back on my calorie intakes. When ever I feel an urge to emotionally eat. I take a moment to think of the consequences. I use to drink more coffee when I felt down, but now. I meditate, and not let the other person persuade me to eat too much. Taking deep breaths has also helped me. - 1/26/2012 7:09:28 PM
  • PEGFF99
    I find Dean Anderson's articles to be very helpful. Please continue to share what he writes. - 9/13/2011 6:11:04 PM
  • This is a wonderful article!! Thank you. It has given me a lot to think about. And that is good!!! LOL - 9/3/2011 6:16:17 PM
  • this is such a practicle and no-nonsense way of approaching this big issue for most of us. I have learned a lot from meditation, and I am starting gentle yoga for those with chronic pain. I use visualization to help "program" my body to go in that direction. Realize that we keep playing those old tapes and they can be our undoing. WONDERFUL article. Save it...Print it out, but keep it to read in times of stress. - 9/1/2011 8:01:02 PM
  • This is a great article! There are so many times that I can really use the 3-minute technique. Not just with eating but in life in general. I am going to save this article so I can have it to come back to whenever I feel really stressed out and overwhelmed! - 8/31/2011 8:30:55 PM
  • You just don't know how badly I needed to read this article today. I bookmarked it so that I can come back to it repeatedly and I will print it out also. This is the ONLY reason I continue to be obese today. I have trouble maintaining an emotional balance. This article is so supportive and tells it how it really is. I absolutely loved the part where it talks about people saying critical things. In my life and for my whole life family and friends have always been super critical of me and everything about me and it's taken me 46 years to get to a place where I can almost block them out. Your article pointed out to me that when it's even said mildly I react hyper critically of myself. I needed to make that connection today. I'm on my way down from 475 pounds I originally lost 82 pounds in a year and in 3 months have put on 42 pounds from emotional eating. Thank you Spark People please keep up the great work. - 8/31/2011 6:34:44 PM
  • Thank you! Keep reminding me. I need to hear this one over and over till it sinks in. - 8/31/2011 1:26:38 PM
  • Just what i have been needing today, thank you for this great and helpful article! - 8/31/2011 8:17:49 AM
    Thank you for an excellent article with real, useful steps for overcoming emotional eating. I've saved this so i can read it when I am starting to feel like I'm spinning out of control. - 8/31/2011 7:42:40 AM
  • Thank-you for the informative article. Sometimes we need to step back from the situation, do some deep breaths, & get focused & then tend to the matter when our mind is clearer. - 7/23/2011 12:00:06 AM
  • This is so me. Anytime I get upset or stressed I eat to deal with it. So So wrong. I am now going to put these guidelines into practice. - 7/14/2011 12:48:08 PM
  • This describes what I go through so accurately I reread it 4 times repeatedly. Coach Dean.. God bless you! - 6/20/2011 3:26:32 PM
  • I have been told for as long as I can remember, by both friends and family, that I am too sensitive to other people's opinions. When I read this article, I saw myself reacting negatively to comments that might be directed at me, but not necessarily critical. Having respect for myself is something I am still working on, after a rough marriage and divorce. Thank you Dean for the reminder. - 3/20/2011 8:27:12 PM
    Dean, you are like my virtual meditation teacher. Thanks for reinforcing all of the things that I'm learning outside of SP. The things you write about really make a difference in my life. - 2/19/2011 7:50:51 AM
  • I especially find helpful the suggestion to be present where you are by taking a moment to notice your surroundings -- seeing shapes and counting colors. That's fabulous. Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed, and trying to take deep breathes or meditate doesn't work for me because my mind is overloaded. I'm going to try this. Thanks for a great article!! - 12/6/2010 7:58:22 AM

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