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De-Stress in 3 Minutes or Less

Stop Emotional Eating Before It Starts


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  • These are great tips and will be useful as I battle stress. Thinking back, I often make things bigger than they need to be.
    These are all great tips. If your emotional eating results in eating a few hundred extra calories in a sitting or day, then these tips are very helpful. If you find yourself bingeing and eating several hundred to thousands of extra calories in a sitting or day on a regular basis, then it is probably time to seek professional help because you may be looking at an eating disorder which is extremely serious and life-threatening. We all overeat or binge on occasion but we may need more than these tips if it is a regular habit.
  • I'm a closet emotional eater. No problem when others are around. I like this verse from the Bible as a guide, "Make no provision for the flesh." The only solution for me is never to bring my trigger foods in the house. When I violate this rule, it's a given I'm going to eat and eat and EAT until it's gone.
    You've actually hit the nail on the head. Emotional eating is one of the causes of obesity.When I'm upset and not up and doing, I turn to food.
    Thanks and great article.
  • I could have used this information on Saturday. I don't know what started my emotional eating. Well maybe I do know. My DH is stressing over his eye appointment which I had to rearrange my work schedule because I have to drive him home due to drops in his eyes. I started out good by coloring my hair but then I saw tastykakes in the basket and I ate a pack. I haven't done that in a long time. Live and learn. They didn't even taste good. I was back on track yesterday. Thank goodness.
  • This is just what I was looking for! I wish I could print it on the palm of my hand.
    I have found that these stress relieving tips can help just about any issue that may be showing its ugly head. Personally, meditating, yoga and focused breathing has worked very well. Thanks for ā€¯spelling it out"
  • Wow, everything I needed to hear in just one article! Great job synthesizing all the info and advice, and boiling it all down into lists. I can get my mind around lists! Thank you for your perspective, and for taking the time to put this together.
  • With all the stress and anxiety I've been under lately this will come in handy. Let's just see if I can physically do it lol
  • This article helped me pin point exactly why all the sudden I had this undeniable urge to go get Panda express and just binge eat. Honestly I didn't even realize I was upset. This helped me so much. So thank you!
  • If an article can make you realize your doing your bosses work then here it is.
    I stress out at the job so often its affecting who i am. I'll have to read this a few times till it sinks in.
  • Thank you. I had a situation that came up that I know would have caused emotional eating. I used some of the tips to help me not eat to make myself feel better.
  • I saved it si I can go back to it. Great stuff.
  • This is very helpful.

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