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De-Stress in 3 Minutes or Less

Stop Emotional Eating Before It Starts


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  • Excellent article. I have often found that a lot of techniques I use to stop myself from emotional eating just delay the problem and it either emerges at another time, or emerges in a different form. These techniques don't overwhelm me, but do cut directly to the cause, and help turn this kind of thinking into something more positive. I have added this to my bookmarks bar!
  • Dear Coach Dean, What a wonderful article. Thank you so much. Many wonderful tips I will keep in mind and practice as well when I need to take back control. -Elayne
  • I have always known that emotional eating from the way my husband often treats me defeated my diet attempts and kept me running to food for comfort. But I recently got the book 'The Verbally Abusive Relationship' and it has opened my eyes to why these things happen now and again...and how to deal with them. Tonight we had another episode and rather than run to the refrigerator, I held a mirror up to him about his behavior and asked him to choose if we were going to cooperate or butt heads. THIS website and this book have given me the confidence to think that this time I can be successful.
  • Thank you so much for this article. I am one of those people who try to help others and then take the world upon my shoulders if things don't work out as they should. Very helpful.
    Thanks Dean,

    Again you soprise me , sometimes I think you know me better than I??!!

    This article is what I needed now, and a problem that, trying to solve it I have read many books, But never has been so clear and summarized , just to the point,it has never sinked in so well. How can you do that? In one little article explain the problem , causes, together with the solution.
    You are magic!! Wisdom becomes you! If I was in USA, I would have definitly gone to your practice.
    Thanks , thanks, I am really greatful for your articles, they are one of my strongest instruments to fight against my overweight problem, my way towards being a more happier person.
  • This article is a great help to me. I am putting it on my favorites so I can read it on a moments notice. When I get some printer ink for my printer I will print it and put it where I spend most of my time. Thanks for the wonderful, helpful article.
  • thank you. I think I am leaving the mountain making industry!
  • This is a good article about stress eating, but not an answer for me. My overeating happens while I'm watching TV or reading in the evening. I will not be able to focus on the program because my mouth wants to taste and my throat wants to swallow. I can't get rid of the obsession until I eat and eat until my stomach hurts, then the obsession goes away.
  • BRAVO!! This is just what I needed to read. It was like he was in my head just a few weeks ago. I changed my thoughts on stress and life and with the Lords help, I am seeing things and people for who and what they are and not what I think or want them to be. Life is much easier this way.
  • Thank-you for these words of wisdom. You've seen directly into my heart and mind and these common sense suggestions provide a much-needed balance-check. I am also taping this to my wall, directly in front of my computer where I do all of my emotional eating. Next time I wanna reach for the Doritos, I'll have a look at "Minute 3: Putting Things in Perspective".
  • I love this article. I printed it and have it taped to my desk where I spend a lot of time every day. I will certainly try these de-stressers because I often do emotional eating. So thanks a lot.

  • Great Article, I now have to put this advise into practice.
  • Great article! A lot of my stress comes from time pressure to get everything done, so I really appreciate a 3 minute tool.
  • This article was very helpful. Due to some stresses in my life, I have been going through some struggles with my "will power" lately. This article, along with my determination to get leave all unhealthy carbs out of my diet for the next few days, has helped me to become grounded again and strengthened my resolve to manage the hurdles ahead. Thanks!
  • i love this article,helps me impove my stress management plus prevent eating disorder

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